The Benefits of Houseplants

1. Air Quality

Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. This makes plants and humans natural life partners since we breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Having plants in your home can help boost oxygen levels as well as removing harmful toxins from the air. Hugging a tree can have more benefits than you know. Having clean air in your home is very beneficial when fighting illnesses and combating the negative health effects of polluted air. 

Photo by Melina Nuttall

2. Emotional Health

There have been many studies that prove how plants can improve happiness and productivity. In schools, it has been seen that test grades and student participation are increased when in rooms with plants. They subconsciously increase our moods and better our mental health. This is because they have been proven to have a soothing effect that reduces psychological stress. This actually helps improve concentration and memory!

Photo by Melina Nuttall

3. Physical Health

Plants have also been proven to help physical help as well. In hospitals, patients in rooms with plants were proven to have asked for much less pain medication and were released earlier than patients in rooms with no plants. Also, because plants purify the air, they have a huge impact on the health of human beings. A lot of plants produce fruit and vegetables which can promote healthy eating habits.


In conclusion, adding plants to your room or home can be very impactful on your quality of life. There are many plants that do not require high maintenance, including kinds of Pothos, Philodendrons, Spider plants, and ZZ plants.