5 Things You Can Do With a Communications Degree

If you aren't studying communications, you've probably questioned what the major was once or twice. Most colleges offer majors in communications and media studies now because the degree is incredibly useful in today's world. If you've ever called a communication degree useless, you need to think again. One of the best things about a communications degree is that you can do so much with it. 

Thinking about studying communications but have NO idea what to do with it? Here are just a few of the many things you can do with a communications degree.

1. Public Relations

Public relations is (in my humble opinion) a really exciting job field for someone with a communications degree. If you love a fast-paced environment with a variety of new challenges, PR is probably for you! There's nothing quite like creating a positive image for a brand as well as securing them coverage in the press. A communications degree will teach you valuable social media, writing, and public speaking skills that will become vital in a career in public relations.

2. Journalism

Communications prepares you for a career that's FILLED with writing. With the vigorous, high-quality writing required of communication majors, a career in journalism is definitely accessible. 

3. Politics

Perhaps instead of working in journalism, you'd rather put your efforts towards being the next Olivia Pope. Politicians always need help with their communications. In fact, some could really use it so they stop embarrassing themselves (*cough cough*). 

4. Sales

Sales might not sound appealing to everyone. But sales isn't about using aggressive techniques to sell products, it's much more about creating connections, and even developing relationships. Communication majors take classes in interpersonal communication, public speaking, rhetoric, etc., all of which are vital in the world of sales.

5. Marketing

The great thing about a communications degree is that it actually allows you to do a whole lot of things that business majors do. Communications has everything to do with marketing (hence, marketing communications). Communications professionals thrive in a marketing environment, as they do in so many other environments.