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5 Signs That Spring Is (Almost) At URI

Many of us are wondering where spring is at this point. It’s taking forever to get here, but it will be here before we know it!

The changing of the seasons comes with a total transformation of campus culture. Here are five things that happen on the URI campus when spring rolls around.

1. Sitting on the quad

You can easily find the majority of the URI student body on the quad when the weather is warm and sunny. So, what are they doing there? Some students are relaxing in between classes, taking a nap, finishing up assignments, throwing a frisbee/football, kicking a soccer ball around or even testing their balance on slack lines.

2. Booths outside the Union

Whether you are running into the union to grab Dunks or just heading to class, you will always find some type of booth in front of the union. The booths can range from fundraisers for Greek life, boutiques from Newport or any other organization on campus selling a URI favorite: Allie’s donuts.

3. Class outside

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Professors are just as excited for spring as we are! If weather permits and you have a small enough class, your professor will most likely bring class outside once or twice in the spring. It’s a nice change of scenery compared to a boring classroom.

4. Trips to Brickley’s

It’s official, Brickley’s has opened for the season! You can always find URI students waiting in line at both Brickley’s locations.

5. Beach trips

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

With the beach being just minutes from campus, students flock to the beach the moment the sun peeks out. You will always know who went to the beach based off of your social media feed. If it’s a really nice day out, you’ll notice that the size of your class shrinks considerably. You guessed it; they’re at the beach.  

I'm Natalie Prisco and I am a Senior at the University of Rhode Island majoring in Kinesiology on the Physical Therapy track. I am one of the Campus-Correspondents at URI. In my free time you can catch me going to the gym, hanging out with friends or binge watching Netflix. 
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