5 Healthy Habits to Help You Become a More Successful Student

Life as a college student can get crazy. We all have a million things going on and not enough time to get them all done. Taking care of yourself can easily become an afterthought, but if you make the effort to prioritize yourself, it will make a difference in your academic performance. These five simple habits can help put you back on the path to success as a student!

1) Make Bedtime Earlier

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It is so common for college students to stay up ridiculously late. From assignment deadlines to goofing off with your roommates, there are so many things that keep you awake at night. However, staying up late is a challenge when you have early classes. It is important to keep in mind just how important your sleep really is. When you are overtired, it becomes much more difficult to focus on what you actually need to get done that day, so there is no harm in crashing early and catching up on your sleep.

2) Drink More Water

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Okay, we’ve all heard this before. We all know that it is important to drink water and stay hydrated, but I can’t stress it enough! Something so simple can make a huge difference in your day. Drinking enough water will keep your energy up and your mind sharp.

3) Never Forget Breakfast!

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When you have a busy morning, breakfast may seem like the least important factor in your day. However, eating a good healthy breakfast can set the tone for your day and help you to succeed. Breakfast is another simple habit that many students often neglect. If you take the time to start your day right, it will make a big difference!

4) Get Moving

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When the work is piling up, going to the gym becomes a quite low priority. Even when you are busy, getting adequate exercise is vital. Not only are you keeping your body healthy, but the movement will help to clear your head and is the perfect study break.

5) Make Time for the Things That You Enjoy

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Many students get lost in their studies. We all have interests and hobbies outside of our majors but we rarely pursue them when we are in college. Our major takes over and it is challenging to find the time to follow our other passions. Joining a club or group that is unrelated to your field of study can be a great change of pace in your schedule and help you reset.