3 Instagram Food Accounts You Need to Follow ASAP

I love food. I love it so much. I especially love trying new dishes and visiting remarkable restaurants. In the last few years of my life, I have followed a considerable amount of Instagram food accounts. Today I am here to impart on you, three Instagram food accounts that have changed my life for the better. These accounts feature high definition photographs of dazzling dishes and give you the location of these oh so mouthwatering meals (And yes, some Instagram food accounts forget to mention the restaurant, rookies). 

1.    @feedyourgirlfriend

“Have you fed your girlfriend yet?” This New York City-based Instagram food account is seen through the eyes of a girl in a relationship, “I love eating and it’s my boyfriend’s mission to take me to eat yummy food.” Colorful photographs and light-hearted captions construct this Instagram account. I can always rely on this page for incredible restaurant suggestions and a good laugh. If you are looking for food that is visually appealing and tasty, this is the page for you.


Via @feedyourgirlfriendVia @feedyourgirlfriend


2.    @eastcoastfoodies

“Because every day is a food day!” And they are not wrong! This Instagram food account focuses on restaurants located on the East Coast. Whether you live in Rhode Island or even Florida, this Instagram account has a restaurant for you. Using the hashtag #eastcoastfoodies along with a picture of what you are about to eat, you can possibly be featured on the page. Fun and collective, please throw this account a follow. 

Via @eastcoastfoodiesVia @eastcoastfoodies​

3.    @foodintheair

“Do you like food? Do you like air?” Yup, I love both. Beautiful pictures of food with a backdrop to die for, this Instagram food account is everything and more. Pictures on this account are from around the globe, so you can always find a dish or restaurant to eat at.  

Via @foodintheairVia @foodintheair