3 Cheap And Easy Ways To Keep Your Nails Healthy

When you’re in college, keeping your nails healthy is one of the first things to slide to the bottom of your to-do list. Between writing papers, studying, and hanging out with friends, it’s hard to keep your nails looking good, let alone keep them healthy. What you don’t know is that there are tons of simple ways to maintain the well-being of your nails without going to the salon every two weeks. Welcome to the life of having beautiful and strong fingernails!

  1. 1. Moisturize!

    The absolute easiest way to build and sustain healthy nails is to moisturize them! Anytime you use hand lotion, rub the cream into your nails and cuticles. Your nails will soak up the revitalizing moisture and become stronger. Applying lotion to your fingernails directly after getting out of the shower, or anytime your hands are in the water for an extended period of time, is the best way to get them to soak in the most lotion. Finding a specifically strong brand of hand cream that targets weak nails can be very effective as well.

  2. 2. Use Healthy Nail Polish Brands

    There are nail polish brands out in the world that are more devoted to keeping your nails stronger than others. Most nail polishes are destructive to your nails and weaken them the more polish is worn. If you are the kind of girl that never leaves the house without her nails painted, it’s worth looking into brands that won’t destroy your nails. If your nails are constantly painted, you may notice that they become flimsy, break easily, and turn yellow. “Orly Breathable Treatment + Color” and “Zoya Professional Lacquer” are two of the highest recommended healthy nail polishes to wear.

  3. 3. Invest in a Manicure Set

    Buying a manicure set is one of the best decisions you can make. Instead of going to the nail salon every couple of weeks, you can use your own kit to sustain that high-quality salon look without the high price tag. Cleaning your nails with the tools in your kit every couple of days will not only keep them looking good, but will keep them happy and healthy. However, before using your kit, make sure you know how to use each tool properly so that you don’t accidentally damage your nails. Most kits come with an instruction book, but if yours doesn’t, YouTube videoes are an easy way to see how to properly use your tools.

By using all these tips you can keep your nails looking great!