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20 Easy Ways To Get Your Sh*t Together When Everything Sucks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

We all have those days where we feel like we are riding in the passenger seat of our own life.  When your mountain of adulting looks so high, and you just don’t know where to start climbing.  The easiest thing to do is reclude in your comfortable bed, take a nap, or watch the entire Stranger Things series in one, shameful binge.  While it might feel fantastic and relaxing for the time being, it’s counterproductive and bound to heighten your anxiety.  But how does one un-funk themselves?  Easy.  Start small.

  1. Make your bed every morning.  Someone once told me the best thing you can do is to make your bed every day, because, even if you had the absolute worst day in the world, at least you get to come home to something perfectly in order.   
  2. Make a list.  This is my dad’s favorite piece of advice, and even though I roll my eyes at it from time to time, it has never not helped.  Lists let you visualize what it is you need to do.  It gets those things off of your chest and onto a piece of paper so you can form a logical plan.  Logic is anxiety’s worst enemy. 
  3. Breathe.  Breathing exercises are scientifically proven to lower your heart rate and combat the physical symptoms of anxiety.  Focusing on the length, depth, and quality of your breath will take your mind off your racing thoughts. Try this:
  4. Paint your nails/do your make up.  In other words *treat yo self*.  You should do something to make you look and feel good.  Plus, concentrating on these small tasks will condition your brain to put this much energy into the bigger hurdles you’re facing.
  5. Floss.  Look at you!  Being dentally hygenic! How proud would your dentist be?  Such a small act can really make you feel like you have a handle on things.  I mean, how many other people can say they flossed this today?
  6. Color-cooardinate your closet.  It’s aesthetically pleasing, helps you get organized, and declutters.
  7. Do a facemask.  Removing the dirt, make up, and every day air pollutants from your pores is a great way to hit the reset button. 
  8. Strrrrrrrretch.  Stress causes your muscles to contract, making you feel tense.  Stretching loosens these tight muscles which helps you relax and improves blood flow.  It also releases endorphins, the “happy hormone”. 
  9. Sweat.  Exercise releases endorphins and if you’re not a big gym rat, then you can find other ways to get sweaty.
  10. Go through your wardrobe.  If you haven’t worn it in the last year, donate it, then go shopping for what you do need. 
  11. Volunteer your time to something you care about; whether it is participating in a Breast Cancer Walk or helping out at a dog adoption event, the best way to get is to give.
  12. Clean out your refrigerator, and then go food shopping for fresh produce.
  13. Watch a 90s sitcom like Friends, Will & Grace, or Seinfeld.  Laughter is the best medicine.
  14. Find new music and make a playlist to listen to while you drive.  Check out your “Discover Weekly” playlist on Spotify.
  15. Take a boxing class and literally kick ass, because you gatta get rid of that pent up aggression.
  16. Buy a plant, even if it is one of those cute little succulents, and take really good care of it.
  17. Do something nice for someone else.  Whether it’s smiling at a stranger, holding the door for the person behind you, or paying it forward by buying someone else’s coffee, bringing a smile to someone else’s face can energize and inspire you to do something bigger.
  18. Go for a drive, and flawlessly execute a Nicki Minaj verse.  Sometime’s you just need the Queen of Rap to remind you that you are a bad b*tch.
  19. Call home.  Whether it is to a sister, brother, Mom, Dad, Aunt, or Grandpa, just pick up the phone.  It will probably make their day, and it’s nice to hear from the people who love and believe in you when you feel overwhelmed.
  20. Tell yourself, “You got this.”  Believe it. 
URI Her Campus President, Campus Correspondent & Editor in Chief! Jersey Girl. Public Relations & Communication Studies double major. Class of 2O17. Usually at the beach, probably petting the closest dog.