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100 Reasons To Smile

Over the past week I have contacted friends and family to ask what makes them happy. We all come from different cultures and backgrounds which makes this mini-project I underwent even sweeter. As humans, we stress out about the smallest things, leaving us with a sour mood. I simply asked people what made them happiest which not only was an interesting question to be answered, but also it allowed them to take a few minutes and reflect on positive things, which only helped improve their mood. I hope you enjoy the cumulative list of what makes the people around me the happiest.

Maybe you’ll read this and one of the answers will put a smile on your face.

  1. People helping people
  2. Art
  3. My dog
  4. Legend of Zelda
  5. Nature
  6. Daisies
  7. The beach
  8. My secret spot in the woods
  9. Harry Potter
  10. Getting to know myself
  11. The noise of the basketball going through the hoop
  12. Smell of pine trees in New Hampshire
  13. Spicy salmon sushi rolls
  14. Watching my favorite football team play
  15. My dads veal parmesan
  16. Drives to the beach and swimming for hours
  17. The feeling of the sun on my skin
  18. Going to NY because it makes me feel alive
  19. Feeling of a basketball in my hands
  20. Playing the piano and feeling the sentiment behind a song
  21. Seeing my dog wag her tail
  22. Having the opportunity to to experience all that the world has to offer
  23. Socializing 
  24. Having an avocado in the morning 
  25. Camp 
  26. Teammates 
  27. Laying in a hammock drinking coffee
  28. The feeling of validation
  29. Looking up at the stars
  30. Changing lives
  31. Watching and listening to waves hit the rocks
  32. Breakfast dates with my best friends
  33. Mutual love
  34. Being kind to someone who is sitting alone
  35. When people are inspired by me
  36. Learning about things that truly interest me
  37. When I finally reach hard goals
  38. When I feel free, like the last day of school 
  39. Days when everything just seems to go right
  40. When your favorite song comes on in the car and you sit alone and scream the entire thing
  41. Finding new beauty in old places
  42. Genuine laughing
  43. The warmth of my bed
  44. Bath and Bodyworks’ scents, especially warm vanilla sugar
  45. Musical theater songs
  46. Throwback Disney movies
  47. Reading a book on a rainy day
  48. When people perform real acts of kindness
  49. Helping someone out in any way possible
  50. Sunlight
  51. Carbs
  52. Laughing babies
  53. Finishing a fulfilling book
  54. Hugs
  55. Putting my feet in cold water on a warm day
  56. Remembering all of the words of a song I loved a long time ago
  57. Sitting around with the people I care very much about
  58. Musical theater
  59. Wine
  60. Folding my underwear
  61. Concerts
  62. Chai tea
  63. Betta fish
  64. The smell of lavender before bed
  65. Planning picnics
  66. The Botanical Garden
  67. Decorating everything with stickers
  68. Listening to a good drum solo
  69. Biting in to a white Kit Kat
  70. Finishing a Lego Set in a shorter time period than I expected
  71. A hot shower after a long day of working 
  72. Watching a new episode of the X Files
  73. Successfully boiling a shrimp without overcooking it 
  74. Watching my cats play with each other 
  75. FaceTiming my daughter every night while she’s at college
  76. Being challenged with something in the medical field
  77. As a hospice nurse, having a patient trust me 
  78. Catching a really nice wave when surfing 
  79. Trying new foods
  80. Laughing with friends
  81. Getting math problems right on the first try
  82. Sitting by a campfire
  83. Watching the sunrise on a beach
  84. Driving through the mountains 
  85. My favorite ice cream after the beach
  86. Being with my soulmate 
  87. The smell before the rain
  88. Soaking in a hot bath
  89. Going to see a new movie at the theaters
  90. Adopting a baby animal 
  91. Biting into a crisp apple
  92. Quiet hidden coffee shops
  93. Listening to soft music while doing homework
  94. The feeling of snow landing on your nose and eyelashes
  95. Sun shining through colorful window panes
  96. Art that makes you feel something
  97. Successfully using chopsticks
  98. The noise of a fan while trying to sleep
  99. The feeling you get when you begin to take off in an airplane
  100. Laughing so hard you can’t breathe
Brooke Conneally is a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island, majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Communications. She spends most of her time playing guitar while singing, pinning projects on Pinterest, cuddling with her cats, and organizing her room.