The 10 Types of Frat Guys You Meet in College

1. The Legend

He is at every party or bar you go to. Whenever you see him, he seems to be having a blast. You always hear all of these crazy stories of things that he's done throughout his college career. On top of that, all of his brothers look up to him, and everyone on campus knows his name. Only problem is, he's typically a "Van Wilder".  Shouldn't you have graduated about 3 years ago?

2. The Dad-Bod

The brother that came into college relatively fit but has seen a few too many kegs during his brotherhood. Not quite overweight, but he's certainly lost his physique. You definitely want him on your pong team though.

3. The Illuminati

Is he even a part of the fraternity? You've never seen him at an event or at any socials or parties, yet every now and then you find him lurking around campus proudly wearing "his" letters.

4. The F*ckboy

Ah, the worst of the worst. He's always trying to get into not only your panties, but also all of your friends'. You're probably unknowingly eskimo sisters with one of your girls because he's just that charming. He's sweeps you off your feet, and may even be incredible in bed, but don't get too attatched, he'll disapear by sunrise and be on to the next one. #TFM

5. The Bouncer

So you decided to go to a fraternity event. It could be a social, darty, frat party, anything. You walk around socializing and then there he is, standing tough and proud where he asks the infamous question: "Who do you know here?" Listen bro, you're probably the least liked one at the party.

6. THE Frat Star

He has the looks, the charm, and oh that smile! But he also has the "I'm better than you because I'm in a frat" mentality that flushes every bit of attraction down the drain. He looks down upon GDI's, and uses his Greek status as a form of hierarchy. He has his letters on everything he owns, and thinks he deserves to be the president of his frat, even though he's done nothing to earn it.

7. The Sister

The pretty boy. The one who clearly took twice as long as you did to get ready this morning. His hair is blow dried and styled to perfection, and reeks of some brand name cologne. His clothes are perfectly ironed and color coordinated to match his belt and shoes. Im sorry, are those waxed eyebrows too? Tell me; where do you get them done because those are pristine.

8. The Meathead

Has he told you about his fitness instagram yet? Has he made you follow it?  He goes to the gym at least once a day, proudly sporting his letters. While he's lifting he makes sure to grunt just a little bit louder than anyone else so all attention can be on him and how much weight he's lifting.  You'll never see him without his protein shaker/gallon of water.

9. The Vineyard Vines Rep

He's the reason for the stereotype that frat guys wear oxfords and boat shoes. Every. Single. Day. This guy rocks that little whale logo. We get it--you have money and you're in a frat. By the way, where'd you park the boat today?

10. The Liability

The guy you always see on snapchat stories passed out, after his brothers have already messed with him. He always comes into class on Monday talking about what a wild weekend he had partying--as if he actually remembered any of it.