10 Signs You're a Health Major

1. You spend all your time taking chemistry, biology, anatomy and nutrition classes.

But still can't accurately describe what a health studies major is when someone asks.


2. You have hand sanitizer in your backpack at all times, and notice when people don’t wash their hands long enough (or at all) in the bathroom.

Hint: Sing "Happy Birthday" twice; that’s how long it should take you.


3. You’re the first one of your friend group to get the flu shot.

And you try to teach them the importance of getting vaccinated.

4. You have to pee almost every hour on the hour due to your high water intake.

Because you know you’re supposed to drink about 2 liters a day.


5. People ask you medical questions.

And you get to pretend like you’re a doctor for a hot second.

6.  Your brain is filled with random scientific facts.

You usually toss them around in casual conversations.


7. You self diagnose yourself when learning about different diseases in class.

Who needs Web MD?


8. You notice incorrect medical terms used/ how fake the injury looks on shows like Grey's Anatomy.

Sorry Shonda, no offence, please dont kill me off too.


9.  You have no idea what you want to do professionally.

There are just so many options: physical therapy, physician’s assistant, nurse, dietitian, environmentalist, doctor, etc. HELP!


10. You know all the benefits of eating healthy and living an active lifestyle.

But still succumb to junk food like a child being offered candy.