10 Movie Recommendations for When You Don't Know What to Watch

We all have those nights where we have nothing to do or we have so much homework to do that instead we procrastinate and open up the Netflix black hole. Instead of bingeing your favorite show for the third time or scrolling mindlessly through the endless options of movies that barely pique your interest, watch one of these movies instead! 

1) The Spectacular Now

    This is one of those movies you will either hate or love. Romance, but not the fairytale romance like most forms of entertainment provide. Messy, but poetic is the best way to describe it.


2) The Edge of Seventeen 

 Like the last one, this is one of those movies you will either hate or love. I personally thought it was hilarious, but I didn’t feel satisfied with the ending overall. This option is good if you’re looking for a laugh. 


3) What a Girl Wants 

This one was one of my favorites as I entered my adolescence and still remains pretty up there, hence why it has made it to this list. 

4) Mama Mia! (Always a good choice!) 

 I mean, it’s Mama Mia! Great story lines and even better music, for both the original and sequel! 


5) Someone Great 

 I wasn’t expecting this movie to end the way that it did - don’t worry, NO spoilers! - but they could not have picked a better ending! Eye-opening for sure! 

6) The House Bunny 

 Anna Faris plays a hilarious ex-PlayBoy bunny who helps the nerdy sorority on campus feel good about themselves and thrive. Again, Anna Faris is in it so you know it’s hilarious. 

7) Penelope 

Now this one I’m not going to lie is a bit more "magical", but it’s a cute movie so just give it a chance. 

8) To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 

This is just a cute movie. If you’re single, this is a good movie to watch if you want to wallow in the fact that you are single - yes, I speak from experience. 

9) My Sister’s Keeper 

 Watch this movie if you want to cry. I don’t need to say anything more about it. 

10) Dumplin’ 

Okay this is one of those cheesy Netflix originals that hooks you just because it’s a cheesy Netflix original. Luke Benward is in it though and he’s a total babe so worth the watch.