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The Ultimate Collegiette’s Holiday TV Guide

To some (or most) collegiettes out there Christmas break means one thing, hibernating; only getting out to find vital provisions. The most common hibernating activity is watching those TV series bookmarked throughout the semester and finally having all the time necessary to binge watch them. Although our team invites you to get out and enjoy to the fullest this Christmas break, we’re guilty to contribute to your hibernating phase. We’re sure that all of you probably have preferred TV shows/series saved specially for this time; but as all in life, the best way to truly savor every part of it it’s by exploring and expanding our horizons. So collegiettes, take this holiday TV guide as an opportunity to make the most of this Christmas break (aka hibernating break); you’ll be glad you gave some of these shows a chance, we guarantee it.



A thriller that has everything from romance to action. Every season tells a story of one day (24 hours) where event occur in current time. Once you start watching it, I promise you won’t stop until you’re done with all 8 seasons, and you will love Jack Bauer.

*recommended by Alexandra Rosario 

American Horror Story

The season that is currently running may have caught your eye because of the big celebs it stars.  I love this series because it has three seasons and all of them have a different story line. The first one is titled AHS: Murder House, in which the story of a family that moves into a house haunted by its former occupants.  The second season AHS: Asylum follows the story of the inhabitants of an institution for the criminally insane. The third one and my favorite AHS: Coven which follows the story of a war between witches and voodoo practitioners. This season is more apt for those of us who get easily scared! It has great actors, a great writer and producer and even better ratings. Call up a friend and make a day out of it.

*recommended by Laura M. Olivieri


Arrow is based on super hero figure “Green Arrow”; it explains everything, from his origins to how he became the hero we all know. By this mean, the series presents Arrow’s struggle to save his beloved city, Starling City.

* recommended by Rodney Comas.


Friends is the all-time romantic comedy series, where the group- of- friends- hanging -out theme was created. If you still haven’t watch the first episode debuted in 1994, this is the time for it. From cracking up with Chandler jokes and Phoebe’s silliness, to tearing up with Ross and Rachel’s romance; there is no doubt whatsoever you will be charmed by these legendary 6 friends living in New York City.

Game of Thrones

 Also known as geek heaven, this show is based on a book series that has been around a long time by R. Martin. Game of Thrones follows the story of all of the royal families battling for the throne.  It has only ten episodes for season (sadly) but great if your binge watching! You will fall in love with the characters and become infatuated with the dreamy actors.

*recommended by Laura M. Olivieri

Modern Family

Although it may seem as a bit of a web of family relationships, Modern Family is a fantastic TV comedy series whose characters are simple like their title. The show revolves around three correlated families and their every-day issues; which I can assure you, will be relatable and honestly hilarious.


Adrian Monk is no ordinary San Francisco detective when it comes to crime solving. It may seem like he goes by the book, but it his behavior (also known as OCD) that gives the show a twist. With his obsessive compulsive behavior, Monk solves every type of crime thrown at him; except the most important one, the murder of his wife. Episode by episode you’ll keep track of every hint and sleuthing element right by the side of Agent Monk, hoping you get the bad guy every time.


Scandal is a relatively young TV series that has gained a ton of popularity in the past year. It’s simple, who doesn’t want to stay in track with Olivia Pope? This political thriller is focused on crisis resolving firm “Olivia Pope & Associates”; of course with  Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) as head of the firm and best-known crisis manager in Washington D.C.

*recommended by Adriana Colom


BBC brings to the screen the ever-lasting Sherlock Homes character in marvelous modern scenery; of course not to miss, with John Watson by his side. This jaw-dropping series, will in fact keep you in the edge of your seat with every unexpected turn.

The Mindy Project

This single-camera-setup comedy show written and directed by The Office writer Mindy Kahling, presents the life of OBGYN Mindy Lahiri and how she manages to combine her love life and her work environment. Although it may seem like a typical romantic comedy, TMP juggles with the theme a bit. You’ll laugh with every joke told either by Mindy or one of her hilarious coworkers.

Veronica Mars

It even has a movie! Announced to be released March  2014. If you are not familiar with this series, get familiar with it! It follows the story of a high school-er who is also a great detective, this is no Nancy Drew story, every episode is packed with witty comments and great mysteries. The series was abruptly closed in 2007 with a very weak ending but to please all of the Veronica Mars lovers it will be given a proper finale on the movie.

*recommended by Laura M. Olivieri

White Collar

After escaping prison, con artist Neal Caffrey works out a deal under the surveillance of FBI agent Peter Burke. Neal’s purpose is helping the Bureau resolving famous works of art related cases; but behind the FBI’s hopes, Caffrey has a purpose of his own.

* recommended by Rodney Comas.


*Note: These TV shows can be found on ABC, BBC, Fox, Fx, Hulu.com or Netflix; others may be found in DVD.

*Photos were taken from IMDb.com

Mónica Ocasio is a senior majoring in comparative literature, with a minor in Italian at the University of Puerto Rico- Mayagüez. Born, raised and living in Puerto Rico, Mónica has always enjoyed reading a good book, spending time with her family and baking.
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