That time of the semester: Matrícula

As you all know, this week you need do enroll on your next semester’s classes, a headache indeed.  Knowing how to build your semester is an ability you should quickly acquire, because it will dictate the way you can perform on each semester. Balance is key to everything; don’t even think about enrolling twenty-two credits if you are not positive that your academic load will be manageable. Pairing certain classes can be futile for academic progress and your social life. Be sure to give your academic counselor a visit to check you’re on the right track. In order to ease this process our team came up with a list of classes we recommend, silver linings between all the required classes.

If you wish to recommend a class that you took and found very helpful be sure to tweet us the class code and the reason at Hercampusuprm. 

ESPA 4105- “Poesía Puertorriqueña”: With Professor Carmen M. Rivera Villegas. We all know that if you want to graduate from UPRM you are required to take a Spanish class, well why not make it entertaining? This class I surely recommend to students who aspire to learn more from the Puerto Rican literature and enjoy interpreting poems. This professor is passionate about what she teaches, dedicated and really knows what she’s talking about when giving the class. Also if you love Julia de Burgos I can surely tell you that you’ll adore this class.


GEOL 3105-“Imágenes del Planeta Tierra” : With professor Fernando Gilbes Santana.  Geology? Doesn’t that sound tedious? Well with this professor will not bore you at all. Every now and then the class makes field trips around campus to educative places you never guessed existed! In class the professor gives plenty of images and knows so much about the topic that you wouldn’t look at your watch telling yourself when this tedious class will be over. In spite of that, you will discover the secrets of our planet earth, global warming, how the planet is made, the solar system, etc.


INGL 3345-"Temas en Cine": Who doesn’t like movies? With Professor Linda Rodríguez, everything seems to be fun. You’ll be watching movies from topics of angels to vampires and be entertained all semester, but at the same time learning about cinema. This course is three credits that are worth taking. This class is two and a half hours long, but it’s only once a week and the hours pass so quick! Think of it as going to the movies once a week.

      P.S. She even lets you bring popcorn to class so it’s a real cinema experience!


FRAN 3141- "Francés I": Bonjour, Ever dreamed of going to Paris? This course with Professor Carlos Casablanca will take you there! He’s strict but fun, and very pro-student. We Puerto Ricans have the benefit of being bilingual so I encourage you to start learning a third one. Languages can take you anywhere and make you experience a diversity of cultures. Don’t think twice and start learning French poems because at the end of the semester that’s what you’ll be doing. Aurevoir!


EDFI 3245- “Natación Elemental”: With Professor Humberto Rodrigues Carmona. Surprisingly enough even though we live in an Island (which means, we’re surrounded by water) not all students know how to swim. This class provides the basics on swimming. Even if you already know how to keep from drowning, you’ll learn the basic techniques on swimming; it can also be used as a daily workout!

EDFI 3305-"Bailes Folklóricos": Who doesn’t love to dance to get rid of the stress from all that studying and late nights at the CREE? I won’t lie you, tests and presentations are part of the class but since it’s about dance and culture you will not mind practicing a couple of minutes a day and ace those tests.


ARTE 3276- “Apreciación al Arte”: If you have a heavy academic load art is a class where you’re able to delight the senses. The class covers every art movement and the most influential exponents throughout history. It is a great tool to learn different perspectives on life and I’ll guarantee that at the end of the semester you’ll have an urge to travel and discover different ways of expression.


MUSI 3135-“Apreciación a la Música”:  With Professor Jose Antonio Lopez, the renamed Puertorrican guitar player. This class starts with the beginnings of music all through nationalism and Puerto Rican music. I guarantee you’ll not just learn about the music basics, but due to the dynamic the professor has, you’ll also grow as a person and student. One fun fact (really two) about this class is that Professor Lopez requires the students to run a 5k marathon and takes one day of class to teach salsa dancing lessons.


HUMA 3111-“Introducción a la Cultura de Occidente”: With CAAMpus leyend Professor Anthony Izquierdo. Humanities is probably the all-time required class, which means everybody HAS to take it at some point; so why not have a good time with the class? Professor Izquierdo is one of the most known professors on campus; he’s a brilliant person with a bit of a unique personality, which means that his class is much unique just like him.


INGL 3250-"Oratoria": Professor Gayle Griggs helps you deal with the nerves and stress of speaking in front a large group of strangers.   With her Breath,Stretch and Smile (BSS) before every presentation and her fun dynamics during class, by the end of semester you will not even remember what nerves are. You get to make a fun short movie and even get to improvise amongst many other fun activities.


  HIST 3242- “Historia de Puerto Rico, Segunda Parte”: With Professor Carlos Hernández. Knowing about your country is vital for everyone; so as a college student there is a major responsibility in covering the most important facts about Puerto Rican history. For a number of students History can be a bit of a boring class, but with Professor Hernandez I guarantee you’ll enjoy getting to know your Puerto Rico. 


We hope that this list of classes is of use and that your "matrícula" goes as planned!