Review: "Partida en Dos"

“To all of those that stayed and tried to understand my ways. To all of those that dream and want.” These are the words that introduce the pages of Gabrielle Armstrong’s first publication, Partida en Dos. Above all, Gabrielle dedicates her book to the dreamer, that like her, pursues the seemingly impossible.

Gabrielle is a junior at Colegio pursuing a bachelor's degree in English. She began the project of publishing her first book about a year ago. Driven by her passion for literature, palpable in her verses, she took on the project from start to finish. Finally, it was published on January 2017.

Poemario Partida en Dos is a poetry book containing 32 original poems. The collection ranges from topics that reflect on society and life while also exposing the inner most feelings of the author. Full of variety, she includes pieces written in both English and Spanish!

In pieces like “Quod Vitae,” Armstrong explores the meaning of life. “La Vie en Rose: The muse of Dance” is dedicated to one of the author’s life passions, the art of dance. In other pieces like, “Desdicha dividida,” Gabrielle presents the inward struggles of insecurity. She also writes poems like “Amante luna”, a musical poem full of beautiful imagery dedicated to the moon.

Gabrielle’s poemario is available for purchase on Amazon and the bookstore El Candil!