New Year's Resolutions

This 2018 has been a very difficult year, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. With all the situations happening around campus and how tough this semester has been for all of us colegiales, we all need new beginnings and new goals to fulfill this upcoming year. Soon it will be 2019 where we should put all the negative memories behind us and set new goals for ourselves in the new year. A new year where we can accomplish new accomplishments, change a few aspects for our best and, of course, always be the better of ourselves we can possibly be.Here are some suggestions you can follow to make sure you have the best year you possibly can.

For the next year, you can plan a trip with your family or friends, whichever you prefer, to let your mind escape and relax from your problems. As a way to ease your mind from all the situations that happened this semester.


Apply for an internship in another country, so you can have new experiences you might want to put on your resume later on. Eat something different, be on a different environment and meet new people. It might be a place that can be refreshing as like a new beginning in your life as a college student.


Making new goals for yourself can be a way to get on the right track for the new year. For example, something that can satisfy you and make you happy, a goal that you have been pushing for some time, or whatever your heart desires.



If you want to manage your stress better, or your anxiety, there are ways to do so; for example, try and put all those negative thoughts aside and think or see things as positively as possible for your own good and mental health.



If you want to start fresh this new year, and be stress free, another way this can be achieved is to eliminate all those toxic people in your life. Sometimes we do not realize there's people like that around us, and when we realize there are, it’s better for us to just cut them out completely.



Another goal you can set yourself for the next semester is to get better grades, never doubt yourself. It is always good to do the best you can when it comes to your grades, because not everyone is good at the same things. So, never push yourself excessively to the limit, just always have in mind to do the best you can.


In the end, what's important is that we achieve all those accomplishments we desire that can benefit us in the long run. We can set goals that can make us feel better about ourselves and when we look back in the future, we can feel happy that we were able to accomplish them. Never compare yourself to others, everyone does things at their own time and when they feel ready to do them. For some people, achieving certain goals might take awhile in comparison to others and that is totally okay. So this new year, put yourself out there to try new things and never forget to enjoy life because we only have one and we deserve to enjoy every little thing about it.