Meditation: Conquering the Anxiety of Life by Living in the Breath

New Year comes around and everybody, everywhere has their resolutions set. The most popular being “New year, new me” even though, for most, this change doesn’t last the week. Instead of making a diet, smiling more, or dating more, I decided that my resolution would take a turn for the full-of-energy relaxation that most yoga practitioners and “hippie” people have. I wanted to be a more relaxed and centered person, more in touch with myself and all in all, I wanted to be happy. So it was with the help of “guided meditation” and the Honest Guys (Thank you, Spotify) I started my new meditative journey. The first time I tried it out, admittedly, I fell asleep because I focused more on the sound of the waves and the deep relaxing voice of the guide AKA Honest Guy, instead of what he was saying and my breathing. Breathing is the key to everything here; it’s the rhythm of the truly relaxing meditation.


With all the havoc Colegio can wreak on us, we always put our grades first and forget about us in the most individual and personal way. It doesn’t matter if it is 5 or 10 minutes a day, a meditation break can do wonders: it can even enhance our intelligence. So, go ahead! Before you start studying for that killer Chemistry exam, meditate a little. Meditation is “you time”: it’s when you only think of yourself and in those few minutes you let every worry slip from your mind and truly feel centered and at one with the world. Trippy, I know, but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.



Apart from what I've said, there are some proven benefits of meditation which can be found on an article on, such as increased immunity where, in some cases, even breast cancer can be controlled through meditation. Meditation has been known to reduce mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. And don't get me started on the weight loss benefits! Therefore we get sick less and waste less money on visits to the doctor and meds. Nevertheless, perseverance is key, because these benefits (and more) aren’t noticed on the first day of meditation; it takes persistence and time to enjoy all the good stuff.  



At our age it's common that we "don't know who we are" and are in need of "finding ourselves.” Meditation to the rescue! Meditation helps a lot in getting to know ourselves. It also helps in managing stress and creating calmness since it makes you focus on the good and buries what causes anxiety (no nightmares! and no stress pimples!). There are more benefits in the site I used (Beautyclue). Here’a a link to a short video that explains how to medidate:


Thanks to “The Honest Guys” I found my way to happiness. But don’t forget: persistence is key. I find the sound of waves to be quite perfect for starting out. Go ahead! Have a little "you time," and you may find yourself enjoying life more.