How My Freshman Year Impacted My College Experience

For a lot of you out there, this will be your freshman year. I imagine you’re filled with a lot of emotions and expectations as you enter this new stage in your life. Believe me, I know how it feels. Been there, done that.


As a candidate for graduation next year, I’ve learned so much throughout these years. Being a freshman is a one-time experience filled with lessons and difficult times, but in the end, it is an overall fulfilling experience.


It all starts with that big letter of acceptance. I remember when I anxiously opened it to see that I had been accepted to the best University of Puerto Rico. The feeling is unforgettable, and it’s just the first step to the journey that awaits you.


Then comes orientation week. A week where you’ll meet your first friends, your department counselors and hear the beautiful melodies of our marching band as they play the anthem that represents our beautiful Colegio!



After you pass through the orientation process, you will begin to take your first college courses. In my personal experience, I got lost, ended up in a wrong classroom, had a difficult time with math classes, and even received my first F’s. In spite of that, I learned that this was a whole different experience. This isn’t High School anymore and one needs to get serious.


When you go into this, you don’t know what to expect. Everything is incredibly new and adaptation is something that takes time. Although it took time, I made it work. Slowly but surely, I began getting better in all of my classes by just putting the effort that they required. After that, I also had the experience of being part of the campus Orquestra and that is something that I will forever remember as a proud musician that represented our university in a lot special events.



The best moment to experience all of these things at once, is when you’re a freshman. Every department has different student associations and organizations that one can form part of. The realm of possibilities are endless, and I encourage you to explore all of this and stick to something that really captivates and motivates you in general.


For example, I went to my department’s student associations fair and decided to join the SME (associates of marketing). This was my first student association experience and it really showed me the potential you can achieve by being in a group of individuals who are as passionate in something as you are and it can give you the chance to experience your major in a more vivid way.



My freshman year impacted my college experience because it made me realize all the opportunities I had and all the experience I could gain by joining different associations. My freshman year made me a stronger person who can handle any or many tasks at the same time without jeopardizing my mental peace.


Being a “colegial” is a fulfilling experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I can’t say there won’t be times where you’ll feel like it’s too much stress, too much to handle, or simply feel like you’re not cut out for it but believe me, once you finish your first year, you’ll feel like you survived the challenge and obtain the feeling that you can do anything.


Have the freshman experience, socialize with people, make new friends, go out, explore the campus, fail a class, do everything because you only get one shot and this experience is one you’ll remember for years to come.