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Helping Our Fellow Handicapped Colegiales and Parents with Strollers Cross Campus

La mayoría de los colegiales have it easy, however, we don’t notice it. We walk all over campus with no obstacles, and still we complain, about the heat, the long distances, how the trolleys haven’t arrived, amongst others. We fail to notice how we are able to move around campus with ease!

On the contrary, handicapped people and parents with strollers have to find their own methods to get around campus. However, they aren’t the shortest, the easiest, or even the most comfortable routes. Recently, I found out that there were rampas in places I didn’t even know existed on campus.

So, if you, colegial, have seen or have a handicapped friend or a friend who is a parent, then be sure to give them a helping hand since you may all benefit from these alternate routes!:

Biología  Did you know that even though you may have to stop traffic to cross the road to get to Biología, there is a ramp that gives you access to the building? You will have to take an alternative route, since crossing the bridge is not an option (unless you’re up for the challenge). However, once you’re in front of the stairs that lead to the lobby, you will just take a left and there it is: a long ramp that gives you access to the halls inside the building without needing the help of various people: just one friend is enough to help with the door. As soon as you’re inside, the first hall to the right takes you directly to the lobby and voilà! you have reached your destination unscathed!  Finally, take the elevator and go to your class!

From Chardón to El Centro  This route is also an adventure. If you’re going to the second or upper floors of El Centro, normally, the elevator is the way to do so. Nevertheless, those tend to break from time to time, so an alternate route would be to go to the first floor in Chardón, take the elevator to the third floor (which actually is the second floor a.k.a the lobby), then when near the Centro, take the small ramp to the third floor. This route is a bit tricky, considering the only “easy-access” to this building is the first and third floor. If you wish to go to the other floors, you will need help or elevators.

Chemistry, Piñero, Celis, Stefani, Chardón – These buildings are handicapped-accessible! They all have elevators and are easy to move from floor to floor, or from building to building (obviously, looking for that comfortable terrain to travel in). The Chemistry, Stefani, and Celis Buildings have small ramps that give you access to the lobby and/or the elevators. Chardón and Piñero have accessible street routes so getting there is not too challenging, and there is no need for a ramp.

There might be an easier and comfortable way to get across campus, but it could take a while to get familiar with them. So for now, these are the alternatives we give you. Lastly, if you happen to find another accessible route that is not mentioned, feel free to share it with everyone, that way we can help our fellow colegiales have an easier experience in campus!


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