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Health Fair with TMed UPRM

On Monday, March 5, the UPRM association TMED were in charge of a morning full of activities to celebrate the week of Medical Technology. TMed is an all-student association that focuses on offering students an opportunity to know more about the different areas clinical laboratories have, while reinforcing the importance of Medical Technology and the diverse professionals who are part of the field.

The TMED association, also known as Future Professionals of Clinical Laboratories, held a series of activities on Monday as part of the beginning of the Medical Technology week in the Biology Department. Their main event was a Blood Donation held by Servicios Mutuos with the sponsorship of the Biology Honor Society, also known as the Tri Beta Chapter Zeta Alpha.  Over fifty students showed up and donated blood at the Biology department parking lot where the blood-drive van was located.

TMED not only had an area where you could donate blood, the Health Fair also had a diverse selection of clinics where faculty members and students were able to check their blood pressure, sugar levels, and their hemoglobin with health professionals.

The association not only brought the campus community a clinical Health Fair and a blood donation van, but they also planned a conference about the process of donating bone marrow with The Icla Da Silva Foundation. During the conference, they discussed the process of becoming a bone marrow donor by debunking the bad reputation the procedure has.

TMED is an association that is mainly focused on what is known as Medical Technology, which tends to go unnoticed in the medical field. They also focus on the clinical microbiology track by teaching the college community about it. With this Health Fair, they reached the Colegial community by encouraging them to learn how to take care of their blood pressure and sugar levels while also motivating the student body into becoming active donors of either blood or bone marrow.

To join the TMED-UPRM association or if you want to learn more about their upcoming events visit their Facebook page to get more info!

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