Do You Remember?

Out of the blue, everybody seemed to remember that girl they thought they once knew. Everyone, even the ones that didn’t seem to care about her, all of the sudden became aware of that girl that once had existed. All you could hear in the halls was her name followed by what they thought was the reason why. Playing detective to find the reason why she did it seemed to be the latest trend. They just wanted to know the reason, so they could gossip the juicy details. Nobody seemed to understand what happened to her nor why she did what she did. They never thought she was capable or had the guts to do what she did. She was just so beautiful and so giving. She had the looks and the brains. Her family loved her, and they used to be so close. Everything seemed to be perfect in her life. She was everything any girl would want to be. When asked how she was doing, she replied she couldn’t be better and gave her brightest smile. But behind her awesome smile, she had been hiding the biggest secret ever.



In a room filled with people, all she could do was put on her brightest smile, even though she felt lonely and insecure. Every time she opened her mouth, she eased people’s doubts with her river of wisdom and helped them to grow by giving a little bit of her own soul, leading her to a slow and painful death. She was a great swimmer, but, somehow, she didn’t learn how to swim to stop herself from drowning in the darkness that filled her mind. She was greatly loved by many, but no one thought it was necessary to tell her. She wasn’t happy with her looks even when she was the envy of every girl. In a world full of things, she felt uncomfortable, and she couldn’t be happy with herself. That girl was being consumed by the demon her depression brought along. She tried to fight it for her parent’s sake, but she just couldn’t take it anymore and was defeated by the demon. When life is a nightmare, death is the wakeup call, and so she committed suicide.



Her death was spiritual. She murdered her soul and personality. The light she radiated every time she entered a room was blown off by the wind caused by the loneliness’ storm. She wasn’t the person everybody knew, she was a new person. The demon sucked her confidence to stay alive and in control of herself. She drowned in an ocean of insecurities, and the pain was consuming her beauty. Her bright smile was replaced by an empty expression. Her eyes gave a glimpse of the battle she had to go through every day. Her name was always in everyone’s conversation, and they kept asking themselves why. She struggled to break free from the painful chains that kept her from moving on, but it was clear that she couldn’t. Just by seeing her, you could tell she couldn’t take it anymore.She just wanted her freedom, but she didn’t have the strength to ask for help. Even though everyone noticed, no one provided a shoulder to cry on. Everyone just decided to overlook her daily struggle. The raining frustration kept flooding her thoughts, and she couldn’t find a shelter in order to protect herself from the flood. All of that changed with someone who smiled at her even though she couldn’t smile back. He helped her turn on the fire that was extinguished. He knew he had the key to her freedom, so he broke her free. All of the sudden, she became not only what she was, but she became even more beautiful than how people remembered her. Her eyes weren’t shallow anymore. When you looked into them,, you could see a whole universe. Her smile was so bright that even the sun had to hide. She was brought back to life. She was ready to conquer the world. That girl is me, that’s why I know.


It’s important to always be nice to others and practice empathy. If you see a person you care about acting differently and not like themselves, talk to them about it. At the end of the day, you don’t know what could be their next step.