5 YouTube Channels for Vegetarians and Vegans

By Ashlene Lebrón

For all of those vegetarians or vegans, who need inspiration with their food or need lunch ideas work/school, I have you covered. I introduce to you, five youtube channels, which will inspire you to be healthy, but also cook.

1. BonnyRebecca

I don’t know about you guys, but I find myself preparing breakfast in the morning uninspiring. Especially, when we are running late or are too lazy. Thus, Bonny is here to help us with that situation. Here are some fun and delicious breakfast ideas.

2. Liv’s Healthy Life

When we are in a rush or uninspired we tend to buy out a lot. However, Liv has a video to make us want to prepare an awesome lunch without the need to waste so much money.

3. Hot for Food

After a long day of classes, sometimes we need some comfort food or a good dose of carbs. Here is recipe of a vegan alfredo pasta. This channel has amazing recipes, definitely check it out.

4. The Vegan Corner

Of course, we all have a sweet tooth and this channel provides amazing recipes we can recreate at home. For example, look at these cinnamon rolls.

5. Niomi Smart

Last, but not least, at times we need inspiration or a helping hand when it comes to eating outside. Being either vegetarian or vegan can be a hassle when it comes to restaurants or fast food, but vloggers seem to manage it and provide us with tips. For example, British vlogger Niomi Smart  loves making “What I eat in a day” videos, which includes tips for eating out, but also providing recipes to make at home.

I hope ya’ll found this helpful and hope it gives you inspiration.