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5 Tips to Improve your Study Time

Now that the semester is almost over, the stress that comes with it can affect the quality of our study sessions. It is important to study, but it is also important to improve how we study in order to get better results. Below are a few tips that can help you improve the quality of your study sessions and come out successful of your most dreaded hell weeks.

1.     Remove distractions

When trying to study, anything can become a distraction and get you off track. Something as simple as putting your phone in your bag or somewhere you don’t constantly see it can prove to be a big help, because you’re not looking at it and you concentrate only on what you’re studying. Another simple distraction is cleaning the mess in your room. According to an article by Western Governors University, “cluttered learning environment clutters the mind.” That’s why tiding up a bit just before studying will do wonders for that study time.

2.     Set Goals

A reward system can be very helpful when studying. As proposed by behaviorist psychologist B.F. Skinner, positive reinforcement will result in a rewarding consequence. For example, if you really want to go to the beach, only do so if you’ve finished studying whatever you had assigned for the day. This will also discipline yourself and motivate you to study all day in order to be able to reap the reward.

3.     Choose your Surroundings

If you want to have a successful study session, your surroundings are very important. Trying to study in a noisy environment will probably end in frustration. Try to pick a peaceful place that allows you to think and dedicate yourself completely to the task at hand. If necessary, get out of your daily surroundings and go to a place where your mind doesn’t wander as much.

4.     Be mindful about a studying partner

Let’s face it; we all have that friend that we have an awesome time with, but who is probably not the best study buddy. Try to study with someone who will motivate you and make you actually study. The mindset your friends have will affect you, and sometimes removing yourself and studying alone can do wonders.

5.     Have the right mindset

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. We start studying for an exam and we believe we either won’t be able to learn so much information or that we are not capable of getting a good grade. These thoughts really do have an effect on students and will hinder your study time. A study conducted in Spain, with 78 college students, revealed the benefits of having the right mindset. These students were asked to write down what was bothering them. Some of them were asked to throw it away, while some of them were asked to keep it. Astonishingly, the students who threw their pieces of paper away performed better, later on. The study revealed that when we write down what’s bothering us and throw it away, it clears our head and helps us change to more positive thoughts.


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