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Why My New Year’s Resolutions Inevitably Fail

A new year means a new beginning. It represents fresh ideas and ambitious goals. Every year, I promise myself that I’ll read a different book each week. But I never achieve New Year’s resolutions; and, as I reflect on why this happens, I realize that I’ve never done it right. 

The common problem behind our failure to stick to our yearly goals lies in our “why.” Here are a few reasons why my stack of incomplete New Year’s resolutions keeps piling up that might help you successfully get through your own.

Forgetting your “why”

What is your purpose with your resolutions? Are you clear as to why you want to achieve what you want? If you’re in the same bench as I am, chances are you might not have a definite image to drive your resolutions. Seek for inspiration and specific reasons that can motivate you to get to where you want to be at. Identify whether or not your goals would make a positive change in your life.

Limited commitment

Skipped your first day of working out? Oftentimes, thinking about doing something overshadows actually doing it. I must say that there are circumstances that we don’t have control over, but we should try our best to commit ourselves to our goals. Though attempting to meet your aspirations alone is not enough, as success is all about having a balanced combination of self-care and commitment. 

Bad phrasing

“I want to not treat others in a bad way” or “I don’t want to curse anymore” are most likely the wrong resolutions to start with. Changing your wording from a negative goal to an optimistic one might help you stick to your resolutions for the first time and for the long run. The way you frame your resolution could have an influence on your results. Substitute “quit eating junk food” with “eat healthier consistently.”

Over-pressuring yourself

We all know that change is scary. Diving into the unknown is rough when it comes to achieving your goals. If it’s too much for you, that’s okay. You know what they say: “Life is a marathon, not a race.” Take care of yourself and release that pressure. Remember, the beginning of a new year is not the only time you’re allowed to set some goals for your life.

Can we get things right this time? In retrospect, now in 2021, be mindful that 2020 surprised us all. Do your best to find a “why” and commit to it. But if you’re unable to do it, don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s always room for improvement but there’s no deadlineーthere’s no need to limit yourself to a specific date.

Nicole is a Chemistry major, who also happens to love Biology. She is an avid learner, and has a passion for science, literature and journalism. Eventually, the young dreamer aspires to merge her passions in the future as a neurosurgeon surgeon, researcher and writer. She enjoys eating chocolate ice cream, "mofongo," and her abuelita's fried "chuletas." Three essential words to describe her would be inquisitive, determined and honest.
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