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What Are We Wearing This Semester?: A Look at What La IUPI Students Are Wearing

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

As opposed to the popular conception across the U.S. that college students always arrive to class donning stereotypically ordinary joggers and sweatshirts, never giving a second thought to what they’re wearing, things in the UPR are just … different. Like the latinxs that we are, we simply live by the phrase “Antes muertx que sencillx”. So, it’s no wonder that many of us flock to social media in the hopes of coming across some fashion inspo to help us plan out our weekly outfits. The thing is, the world of fashion is infinitely vast and it often branches out into different aesthetics or trends. It’s beautiful, but for some, it could also be overwhelming when you’re trying to find the one way to dress that goes with the Pinterest fashion inspo pics you found. 

All things considered, if you’re wondering about this semester’s UPR fashion “vibe” , look no further than this article. Following up last semester’s fashion newsflash, here’s a look at what students at “la IUPI” are wearing. 

Disclaimer: There is no right or wrong way to dress. Fashion is how we express ourselves and it should always be authentic and make us feel comfortable. 

  1. Long Skirts

If freedom could be described as a piece of clothing, long skirts  would definitely be it. They’re  flowy, pretty, and perfect for hot tropical weather. Although we’ve always known about short skirts and mini skirts (these are now usually reserved for going out and/or partying), long skirts provide you with the leverage of movement without having to worry about accidentally flashing someone. And did I mention they come in a variety of cool fabrics and designs too?!

  1. Button up shirts

When I say that button up shirts are back in style, you know exactly what I mean. Basically everyone and their parents are wearing them nowadays. Even Bad Bunny, one of the most influential fashion icons for people in Puerto Rico, is at the forefront of the trend. What I’ve noticed though, is that usually girls (or female presenting peeps) wear the long-sleeved version of button-up shirts, and guys (or male presenting folks) wear the short-sleeved version. And while girls stick to solid, plain colors, guys usually opt for rocking striped or printed ones. 

  1. Platform sneakers

Where do I even begin with these? I mean, they give off a chic, comfortable, fashionable, “Oh I just woke up and put on some sneakers I found on the floor, but somehow they tie the whole outfit together” type of vibe. They give you the extra lift that a normal platform shoe would give you, while also protecting you from the unpredictable weather of the island. In other words, you would much rather accidentally step in a puddle of water with these bad boys on than with open-toed platforms. 

  1. Matching Sets

The amount of people I’ve seen walking around with monochromatic co-ords, be it workout sets or more stylish ones, is astronomical. Once again, this look elevates the stereotypical way a college student dresses up to a whole new level. A matching set look is almost effortless, because it already saves you the hassle of finding a top or bottom piece to match. On another note, co-ords can be pretty comfy and incredibly versatile. Honestly, I think matching sets looks very bougie and I’m totally here for it. 

  1. Flannels

I know this is no new trend for anyone reading this. Flannels have just always been there somehow. With their big break during the 90’s, flannels have served their purpose for many years by catering to different aesthetics. From being a big hit during the tumblr girl era, to giving us all the grungy edge our outfits need from time to time, flannels will forever be a staple in the way we dress. 

  1. Taylor Swift cardigans and knitted sweaters

Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit that I’m personally a sucker for this one. I absolutely adore sweaters. And you’re probably thinking: “Why would anyone wear sweaters to college, considering the scalding heat one suffers by simply walking around campus?” Honestly, with fashion, inevitable sacrifice will ensue. And sometimes, you just have to sweat your butt off under your $20 knitted sweater for the sake of showing it off. But in all seriousness, some classrooms on campus feel like Antarctica, so a sweater always comes in handy. They’re also super adorable. 

Heaven knows if I keep mentioning all the different key articles of clothing I’ve seen around campus, I would never finish this article. So here I leave you all 6 pieces of clothing you should consider adding to your wardrobe this semester.

-Ana <3

Ana Emmanuelli is the current Co-Chapter Leader and President at Her Campus UPR. Apart from assisting in overseeing the work of each team – be it the Editing Team, Writing Team, and/or Social Media Team- she also carries out administrative duties such as sending weekly notices to members, keeping track of chapter level requirements, and communicating with Her Campus Nationals. Lastly, she has been an active contributor to the magazine for four consecutive years and previously held the role of Vice-President. Even though she is very much passionate about writing, she is now completing her fifth year as an undergrad majoring in Biology at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, which highlights her interest in the topics of science and health within her articles. In her free time, she loves reading classical literature and watching mind-bending movies with complex plots. She also loves to come up with new sketches and ways to create any type of art.