Weird and Creepy Nightmares People Have

Overall, dreams are anything but easy to discuss because they’re pretty easy to forget or just too much of a mess, but nightmares? Those are on a whole different level of difficulty to explain! They are either too difficult to process or too traumatizing to even try talking about them. And sometimes they’re just too weird to make any sense out of them. Now, here are some of these weird AND CREEPY nightmares that not everyone knows how to explain them or the meaning behind them. Source: friends, personal experiences, and interpretations.


Dreams about natural disasters

Nightmares related to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic explosions, and now even hurricanes are pretty common, and most of them tend to be related to the end of the world. I believe that these type of nightmares can represent our fear and uneasiness with natural disasters; the chaos they bring into our lives, the death, and the destruction they leave behind.


Dreams about being stalked:

I personally think that being aware of the fact that you’re being stalked in your dreams, and knowing that someone is behind you and wants to kill you could be considered one of the worst feelings in the world. The amount of anxiety these dreams bring us tends to be quite bad, but once you ask for help and no one listens, it only gets worse, suffocating even. But what could these dreams mean? Do they mean we’re running away from something important? Or are we just being chased by a bad omen?

Dreams about supernatural possession:

Now this is where things start getting interesting.These type of dreams tend to be represented in different ways from possessed people trying to make you join them, to dealing with possessed children for no apparent reason, to dealing with you being possessed by someone (or something) else and losing control over your body. Now, these dreams are creepy indeed, but some of their interpretations are even worse. Some of them tend to be connected with religion and how people might be fearing that they’re walking away from God’s path or that they’re being attacked by the enemy through dreams, but not all of them are. Others tend to be connected with bad feelings about situations the dreamer might be going through in the waking world or even with the people they’re interacting with.


Dreams about dismembered bodies:

Have you ever come across dismembered human or animal remains in one of your dreams? Have you tried making any sense out of that haunting image or googling the meaning behind it? If you have, you know that there’s nothing pleasant about it. These dreams with dismembered bodies in them are the only ones that have left me way too traumatized to get over them or to even try understanding them. Like most nightmares, it could all be connected to fear, but fear of what? Dying in a horrible car crash? Being butchered? A horrible version of the end of the world? Maybe this is just a secondary effect of watching way too many shows about murderers.


Dreams about the zombie apocalypse:

Dreams about the zombie apocalypse also tend to be related with the end of the world as we know it, but why flesh eating zombies? Is it the influence of horror movies about a zombie outbreak? The influence of video games where you have to kill the undead and survive as long as you can? Or could it be related to a real fear regarding diseases, experiments, and possible mutations, and how out of control they could get?

In conclusion, nightmares are weird, and most of them are creepy, but I guess that trying to connect them with ourselves and give them meaning makes them less intimidating and more logical than they look.


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