Types of People During Times of Asamblea

Another asamblea is fast approaching, so we’ve rounded up the types of people you’ll come across during this time of the semester. Asambleas bring out a different side to the people you have come to know on campus. Most of the time you’ll find that your opinion may differ from theirs, but sometimes you’re lucky, and you’re all on the same page. Whatever your motivations be this time around, here are the people you’ll be seeing a lot of in the next few weeks.


The one who supports it, pero de lejito’


The one who has no idea what’s going on, but votes “yes” for mostly everything


Those who are graduating now and don’t want any part of this


The one who’s in a student movement and hands flyers out to everybody


The ones who bring the instruments to la asamblea


The ones who go just to vote “no”


The students that oppose la huelga, but agree that something must be done


The “huelga or beat it” ones


The ones who are just there to say that they went and contributed (usually the ones with the snacks)


The ones who are anxious about classes but still support the social demonstrations


The one who just doesn’t want to hear about it


All in all, the UPR system, including our campus, is facing hard times. It is important to hear each other out and understand each other’s motives, even if we don’t agree, so long as we respect each other.


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