Transitioning From An Undergrad To A Graduate Student: A Letter To Myself

If you read my article Collegiate Struggles: Becoming a Successful Undergraduate Student, (I recommend you read it if you’re about to start college or want to make the most out of your college experience), you might know that I graduated from the UPR-RP on June 2019. What you might’ve not known is that I recently started grad school.

Although I’m excited for this new chapter of my life, I needed to write this letter to myself because I’m not a huge fan of change. These first three weeks of school have been a significant one. Like all changes, I need a little getting used to it and I need to learn how to adapt: the emotional and mental struggles I’ve gone through since the beginning of the semester have left me a little lost, confused, nervous, stressed, anxious, unmotivated, doubtful, and scared. So, I just want to send some good vibes to myself, express how I’m feeling, what I’m hopeful for, and try to get out of this state.

Hopefully, it reaches other students that might be going through a similar situation and it can help them in one way or another.

Dear me: 

I know you’re not a big fan of change, and your life as a graduate student won’t be the same as when you were an undergrad. As you saw, you’ll take classes with people of the same age, but everyone is mostly older than you. Classes will be given at night, which you’re not used to, and they’ll be longer, perhaps more tedious. Not to mention, higher demands and performance will be expected out of you. Although these are some of the things causing you a small amount of stress, anxiety, and preoccupation, you are capable of this and more.

Nothing will be thrown at you that you can’t handle. You know that you always manage to do great. Breathe, hun, and relax. Think positively of this new adventure and believe in yourself. Two years from now you’ll have graduated with a B.A. and an M.A. degree, as well as with experiences and stories to remember, treasure, and share. You will gain knowledge and preparation that will serve you for your professional, academic, and personal growth that can also help you make a change and an impact wherever you go. Two years from now, you’ll be older and wiser. You’ll accomplish things you never thought you could because you’re a smart, strong, and perseverant person and whatever you put your mind to, you accomplish. You’ll meet different and similar people to you along the way and set off into wonderful adventures. Two years from now, you’ll have traveled, studied abroad, and done an internship. You’ll look back thinking you were silly to be doubting yourself. 

You know I believe in you. I have your back and I’m rooting for you to be happy, healthy, and successful, but always grounded and loving. 

A piece of reminder, I know you… I know you get scared of new things and many times you don’t do them for whatever fears you hold deep in your heart and mind. You only live once (as the famous line says, YOLO) and you’ll regret not doing things you truly wanted. Take this time as a fresh start with a courageous new you. Take a leap of faith and just go for it. Don’t think about it too much. Just do it! You’ll thank yourself in the long run. 

My best wishes and hopes go out to you, love! The world is yours! So, go conquer it!


With love,

Bianca Paola