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Tik Tok’s Viral PINK Sauce Obsession: Everything You Need To Know

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For those of you who’ve never heard of this mystifying product, PINK Sauce is a pink condiment that has been talked about frequently in the last couple of months ever since it blew on Tik Tok. Veronica Shaw, Tik Tok user @chef.pii, first  promoted her product “PINK Sauce” in early June 2022 and has now reached its peak in NBC news and L.A. Times newsletters. Everyone is talking about this product and it’s time to learn what is up with this saucy condiment. 

During the early stages of her PINK Sauce, Chef Pii was seen eating it in most of her videos as a topping for chicken, pizza, among other foods. In fact, the main reason her pink condiment became popular in the first place was (apart from its signature color) that no one really knew what was in it. This question alone was what made Chef Pii gain so many views and spread the word of PINK sauce.

When Veronica Shaw began marketing it, people who bought it shared their experience with the condiment on Tik Tok, and they quickly noticed that this first prototype’s nutritional facts, to everyone’s surprise, was filled with erroneous information. For example, the bottle said it contained “444 servings per container” and allegedly had “dried spices” even though it never specified which ones in particular it had. Additionally, another bizarre thing about it was that it contained milk and pitaya, which is certainly a different approach in ingredients for a sauce to say the very least!

An interview conducted by Inside Edition asked Chef Pii about this obvious printed error in which she honestly replied: “That’s why we paused the production and we’re printing new labels… Everything has rolled out extremely fast. Mistakes happen”. An error like this along with her statement in the matter led people to question whether PINK Sauce was safe to consume and whether or not the ingredients mixed within the condiment had any truth in it. However, this incident didn’t lead to PINK Sauce’s downfall. Veronica Shaw surprised social media a few months ago when she announced her brand deal and partnership with Dave’s Gourmet, another sauce company, to begin producing new bottles of PINK sauce. When they sold them on their official website and everyone saw how different it looked from the first ones, it was as if this product had been reshaped and reformed to become what Chef Pii wanted her product to become. The condiment had a new bottle size, different shade of pink, and its nutritional fact chart was improved.

But the story didn’t end there. What shocked many people in the end was that Walmart began selling the condiment on their shelves. The PINK Sauce that had caused so much controversy for its own brand and yet it’s being sold in one of America’s largest retail incorporations. In the end, all of PINK Sauce’s publicity on social media and articles helped it grow to be (probably) the most talked about sauce in all America.

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