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We all have to go through the process. We think a lot of inappropriate stuff while dealing with PuttyTel. And we also develop really strong feelings towards la IUPI. Here’s a rundown of how some of us might feel during la matrícula.


Stage One: Illusion

You designed the perfect schedule and you trust that you will get it without making any changes to your beautiful, perfect plan.


Stage Two: Hope

You pray to whomever that those classes are still available and that won’t have to visit any offices. Feeling pretty optimistic and secure/sure right now about this process and the future of your education.


Stage Three: Worries

“What if the system crashes? What if the class doesn’t exist? Will I ever get up early enough for that 7 a.m. class I ‘want’?”


Stage Four: Despair

“When will it finally be my turn for this? It’s 7:59 a.m.,  why isn’t the system working?! At this pace, I’ll never graduate!


Stage Five: Mental breakdown

“I’ll die alone, poor, live under a bridge and never be good enough! How is that person smiling when i can’t even enroll in my last concentration class?!?!?!”


Stage Six: Composition

You finally decide to get your act together, calm yourself down, drink some coffee and act in a civil manner.


Stage Seven: Determination

You will get your classes, it will turn out your way! Nothing will stop you from having the best schedule for next semester!


Stage Eight: Satisfaction

Even if you didn’t get ALL of the classes you wanted, you feel good with what you achieved without harming anybody. You also learned how to be wiser for the next time la matrícula comes around.




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