Spring Break Workouts

Spring break is here! To all those calories we'll probably be consuming: we wouldn’t want to ruin our bikini bodies! Also, summer is right around the corner so let's make some sacrifices while we have fun!

Beach workout:

1. Jog: either barefoot or with running shoes, the view will swoon you and keep you motivated.

 2. Yoga: relax mentally, challenge your body.

 3. Swim: good and easy on your muscles, works on all of your extremities.

 4. Volleyball: fun cardio, good for teamwork and upper body strength.

5. Soccer: fun cardio, good for coordination.

6. Limbo: good for your core and flexibility

 7. Hula-hoop: good for your core and enhances your waist. Plus, you get to show off your moves!



8. While sitting down: point, flex and rotate your feet, stretch your legs, twist your torso, stretch your arms and massage your neck.

9. While standing up: point, flex and rotate your feet, bend your legs, move your hips, stretch your arms and neck.  


Bed yoga

10. In the morning: butterfly, child's pose, seated forward bend, legs up the wall pose.

11. At night: half wheel, knees to chest, cobra, corpse pose.



Intake low calories drinks.

Always stay active, dance!

Drink water and eat healthy.

Get enough sleep.

Protect your skin: use sun block!

Enjoy your Spring Break!


Pictures from: Pexels