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1. You’ve Instagrammed a picture of La Torre.

2. Late-afternoon exams usually end at El Boricua or El Refugio.

3. You cried after Kypo shut down.

4. You get week-long migraines during the pre-matrícula.

5. You’ve ran to flag down the trolley so you wouldn’t have to walk across campus.

6. The line for transcripts or any department in Plaza Universitaria is worse than being on a Disney theme park in the middle of the summer.

7. The best and quietest library is at Derecho.

8. You’ve caved to your sweet tooth for pennies thanks to the Sociales Candy Man.

9. It took you a while to figure out that the big white blocks next to El Centro were actually a solar clock.

10. You’ve never really crossed the street to Plaza Universitaria using the underground pass.

11. The Tuna has probably serenaded you while having lunch at El Centro.

12. You’ve crossed through la Lázaro for some cool air when walking to class.

13. You’d rather go to Casa Lima than Black Coffee for some java.

14. Tuesdays and Thursdays are definitely the worst days to find parking.

15. Going to the UPR in heels is never an option.

16. You get annoyed whenever somebody from another school says that they have too many things to do (yeah, right).

17. Your professors have been at least interrupted once by a student who wanted to announce Asambleas Estudiantiles.

18. You dress up for a rainy day and it turns into the hottest day on the planet.

19. You used to sit down at the gazebos in Generales.

20. You almost got hit by a car several times before the campus was pedestrian-friendly.

21. You know at least one environmentalist.

22. You have zero patience. 

23. You cry when it’s been nine days since the beca Pell was sent and you still haven’t gotten your money.

24. You’ve seen stray dogs chilling around campus.

And finally,

25.  La IUPI es la IUPI, the rest are just Recintos.

Suzzette Martinez Malavet is a senior at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras studying Information and Journalism. She loves photography, shoes, fashion, social media, traveling and exercising outdoors. She has interned at the Capitol of Puerto Rico, Diálogo Digital, Wapa TV, Telemundo Network, U.S. Census Bureau's Center for New Media and Promotions and the Corporate Communication/Sales & Marketing Department of the U.S. Mint in DC, but her proudest accomplishment was in Spring 2013 when she founded the very first HC Chapter in Puerto Rico, Her Campus UPR. Suzzette is currently the Chapter Advisor of Her Campus American University, Marymount, William & Mary, and GW. She is also a returning intern this semester at the U.S. Census Bureau's Center for New Media and Promotions. This 22-year-old woman is the most career-driven individual you will ever meet. If you want to know a little more about her...if you want to know what makes her tick and what inspires her the most...Unlock the mystery by reading some of her awesome articles!
Alejandra Camille Ortiz is a twenty-year-old young woman double-majoring in Advertising and Marketing at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. She is a contributing writer for HerCampus.com.Alejandra is a social media buff that likes to keep herself up-to-date with all the new stuff on the internet. She doesn't have many worries aside from the feeling that life flying by far too fast for her taste. Her friends say she has constant nerd tendencies, is a multitasker from birth and is the go-to girl for problems that need solving.You can contact her by writing an email to alejandraortiz@hercampus.com.HCXO!
Ana Maria Baez is a senior at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras and is Her Campus UPR's Campus Correspondent. Pursuing a major in Political Science, she enjoys reading, writing, Sunday brunch, traveling overseas, springtime and playing with her miniature schnauzer. She has interned on Capitol Hill for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the Hispanic Press Office, and since joining the Her Campus UPR team in May 2013, she has been working hard towards promoting the first-ever chapter established in Puerto Rico. 
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