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Productive Ways to Use Free Time

When you have free time all you want is to forget about the stress from classes, and life in general.It is also an opportunity to take advantage of. If you don’t want to feel guilty after procrastinating, you can do some things from this list.  Time is something you can’t take back, so take advantage of time you don’t always have so you can save yourself from stress for the next months to come.


1. Get work done early

If you have projects or exams coming up you can use this time to get work done early! This would avoid freaking out and getting all the work done at the last minute later on.


2. Apply for jobs and internships

Now is the time to work on your resumé and not worry about it later. That way, you can get that job or internship you wanted so badly and be productive.


3. Volunteering

This is an opportunity to help others, which can make you feel useful. It can be for whatever social problem you care most about. Instead of feeling like a couch potato while binge watching Netflix, you can take a break and be a valuable person to society.


4. “Spring cleaning”

You’ve been looking at your cluttered desk and closet since forever. Cleaning and organizing will make you feel better and ready for whatever comes after. Who knows what you’ll find in that mess!


5. Workout

You know you’ve been avoiding it because you’re “too busy”, but let’s be real: you were just avoiding it. Now, you have time to have a healthier lifestyle which gives you more energy for the next task at hand.

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