The Positive Outcomes of Quarantine

COVID-19 drastically interrupted our lives overnight; we were forced to abandon our daily routines and interactions to isolate ourselves from society. Taking such a restrictive measure as being quarantined is the most effective way to prevent the rampant spread of this deadly virus. Now, you’re stuck at home and feeling trapped; at this point, you’ve lost count of how long the confinement has lasted. Adapting to a new lifestyle by obligation is not an easy task for anyone. However, I truly believe that no matter how difficult the scenario may seem, you can always find a bright side to it. In my attempt to cheer you and help you realize that, here's a list of 5 positive outcomes of this quarantine:

  1. 1. Self-analysis

    Being quarantined could be that opportunity to disconnect from a busy life to reconnect with yourself. Take the time to reflect, meditate, get creative and stay inspired. Retake those life projects you’d left pending and those hobbies you enjoyed so much. Get out of your comfort zone and strive to learn something new. Practice self-care and do the things that make you happy more often. Identify those aspects you would like to improve and work to reach a better version of yourself.

  2. 2. Family Time

    How many times have our busy lives deprived us from being with our families? Now, we have the chance to face this difficult situation accompanied by our greatest support group.Take advantage of it and spend quality time with your loved ones ,strengthen your bonds, establish a more effective communication and create beautiful memories together during the crisis.

  3. 3. Environmental impact

    As human activities cease, Earth takes a break. These restrictive measures have resulted in a beneficial environmental impact at a global level. The animals manage to recover their spaces; the prohibition of access to beaches allowed the birth of more than one hundred hawksbill turtles an endangered species in Brazil, and both dolphins and manatees were caught swimming through unusual coastal spaces in Puerto Rico. The reduction of industrial activities also decreased  air pollution. According to the European Space Agency and the measurements collected by the 5-P Copernic satellite, a significant decrease in Nitrogen Dioxide emissions has been witnessed in Europe and Asia. The coronavirus crisis continues to demonstrate the massive impact that our actions have on the environment and helps raise awareness. It should prepare us to take similar measures regularly, once this pandemic is over, to reduce the effects of climate change.

  4. 4.  Cherish life

    With more time to reflect during the lockdown, we all think about a life before and after quarantine. We realize how much we enjoyed doing certain things and spending time with people we would constantly take for granted. We long for all of this to end to be able to go out to the world again. We’re more aware of the value of life and willing to be present during every moment. More than ready to cherish freedom, more than eager to do the things we’ve always wanted and never got to do. Prepared to live day by day without regrets because things can change radically in a matter of seconds. 

  5. 5. More memes!

    Memes. Would life be the same without them? Let's be honest, laughter has proven to be the best medicine and memes are a great coping mechanism.It sure is good to let loose and forget chaos, at least for a minute. From the worst crisis come the greatest boosts of creativity, and with it, the funniest memes.

This pandemic has come to transform the way we live as individuals and society. We're going through tough times, but we have been known to get through moments like these and rise above stronger than ever. Let's do what's right for all, stay positive during the process, look at the bright side of things and make the best out of them. It'll be over before we know it.