Poetry Is On The Rise: Copleros P.R.

Last April was poetry month, though, for this group of young poets, poetry month is every month. I had the chance to interview all the members of the group and the results were inspiring and perspective-changing. Copleros P.R. consists of five Freshmen Students: Valeria (Kali) González, Alejandro Graziani, Steve Calimano, Leandra Ortiz, and Kiara Crespo. Through poetry, they have decided to be the voice of all. This creative project was born of  Valeria (Kali) González’s individual writing and her strong social skills and charisma. In little words, she was the adhesive that put Copleros P.R together; though each and every one of them complements each other in the most inspiring way without choosing a leader for the group.


HCUPR: Since when do you write poetry?

Copleros: The group answered in a range of middle school through high school, but they took it as a more serious affair during high school. Even though they hadn’t acted upon their talent until now, moving closer to the metropolitan area led them to meet not only each other but other people that definitely helped them realize they could exploit their talent and show others that they can too.


HCUPR: What helped assure yourselves that poetry is the thing for you?

Copleros: They believe that poetry is a way to not only express themselves but to escape and get through the tough times. “Self-evaluation is the most precious thing we have,” said Steve Calimano. It serves them as a diary and an archive of all their feelings and the moments they have lived throughout their lives. They also feel that poetry is a way to help others out. “We have been set free by poetry, now it’s our turn to liberate others through our poetry,” said Kiara Crespo.


HCUPR: What are your individual inspirations for writing?

Copleros: Their inspirations surge from their love and appreciation for nature and their intrigue for diversity. Love, altogether, has helped them forge their thoughts and establish their poetry. “Anxiety gathers up, it accumulates," said Graziani. “I find poetry is a way to channel all that negativity and turn it into positive thoughts." “We experiment everything in our own way and that is just beautiful," added Valeria González. “Human conduct is so changing. I want to show how brave people can be by expressing their feelings even after being drained emotionally," Crespo expresses. “My senses play a very important role on my poetry too," says Leandra.


                                                                                                              Image by Desireé Zavala Osorio


HCUPR: How did you meet?

Copleros: They met, mainly, through college. Valeria was in a desperate search for friends to share things in common with. She first met Leandra, who lives in the same apartment building as her, and they share a mutual friend; Steve also lives in their same apartment building. Leandra, then, introduced Valeria and Alejandro, her childhood best friend. Kiara and Valeria met reciting poetry at the same places. You could say that, in a way, it was like destiny.


HCUPR: What gave you the certainty that this group should be made up of its current members?

Copleros: They are all united by poetry and their love and passion for it. They are all considered leaders and, like I mentioned before, they complement each other. They felt like they belonged together, that they are meant to be a family. “A soul recognition," as stated by Kiara.


As for their fast success, their book is already out in Amazon, worldwide shipping, and they couldn't be happier with the support they’ve been granted with. Iridiscente has been available since April 19th, 2018. They have spilled their feelings and thoughts into this magnificent poetry book. Go get your copy now!



HCUPR: Do you have any messages for all those closeted poets out there?

Copleros: “Free yourselves!” they all encourage. If you love poetry, then show it, show your talent. “Get out of that poetic closet," says Graziani. It is so great to express your feelings, it is so important to express yourselves. You reach so many people and that is so great. “Learn to live, learn to appreciate, it is the way of poetry,” says Kiara “Life is beautiful, what are you waiting for to write about it?”


You can follow Copleros on Facebook and on Instagram. Support this group of young poets, you will not regret it!