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Movie Monday: Simply Amazing, A Review of Demi Lovato’s Documentary

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Wow. Simply, wow. Those are probably going to be the only words circling around in your head after you watch Demi Lovato’s new documentary, now available on YouTube, called Simply Complicated. Like many of us late 90’s kids, I grew up watching Disney Channel, so I’ve always somewhat followed Demi’s career. I have to admit though, that I had never up until this point been a huge fan of hers. Sure, I loved Camp Rock when I was younger. I’ve always known that her voice is insane (seriously, she’s on a whole other level), and I know that she’s had a rough journey in life, but she was never at the top of my list of favorite celebs.

The other day, I had enough cell signal to watch videos on YouTube, and her documentary showed up on the recommended videos. I had been hearing about it for a few weeks now, but thanks to Hurricane Maria I hadn’t been able to watch it. So, I was curious, and I clicked on it. I thought it was going to be another typical celebrity documentary where a camera crew follows them around on tour, and they do interviews about how great their journey has been up to this point in their careers and blah blah blah (mind you, I had not seen the trailer). Boy, was I wrong. That hour and eighteen minutes changed me.


Demi is incredibly and brutally honest about her journey throughout the whole documentary. It should be noted that she’s always been vocal about mental health and her struggles, but never like this. Hearing her talk about everything in her life, from the time she was five or six years old to now that she’s twenty-five, gave me chills.

The documentary is dominated by an extensive interview with Demi herself and the people that surround her like her mother, her sisters, and her manager. The structure flows so nicely that you can follow the narrative and not get lost even when it sometimes (and only sometimes) goes back and forth.

They basically divided the documentary into themes and topics which helps greatly in content organization. On top of that, the documentary provides intercalated snippets of footage of Demi in the studio recording her latest album Tell Me You Love Me; for a minute marvel at her incredible vocals to contrast with the heavy topics touched upon.


For anyone going through a particularly tough time, I recommend this documentary. You will find strength in Demi’s strength, and you will find confidence in Demi’s confidence. Her resilience goes beyond the screen, and you genuinely feel it. Confidence for me is a particular issue I struggle with every day and watching this documentary taught me so much. When those 78 minutes are done, you will have a newfound admiration towards Demi, and she’ll probably be next on your list of WCW’s!

What are you waiting for? Click here to watch!

Images taken from her documentary.


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