Miss A is Here to Save Your Bank Account!

Ever found yourself eyeing a certain lipstick or eyeshadow only to shy away at the price? That little wave of disappointment hits you because you wish you could treat yourself without having to empty your bank account. You sigh, set the product back on its shelf, and walk away, perhaps throwing a look or two over your shoulder. But you prevent yourself from running back. Anyone even remotely interested in makeup has probably gone through that particular situation a few times. It’s discouraging, to say the least. Well, we’re here to tell you about Miss A, where everything is one dollar!

No, you’re not imagining things.

Yes, we do mean $1.

Founded by Jean and Kenneth Baik in 2013, Miss A’s goal is to sell affordable, quality beauty products to the public. You can find a variety of products on the site, not just makeup. There’s also brushes, jewelry, accessories, underwear, face masks, fake eyelashes, scarves and much more. Some of the brands available on the site include L.A. Colors, Amuse, and E.L.F Cosmetics. They even have their own line, AOA Studio, which includes cosmetics and fun accessories. You can spend quite a while simply exploring the site and seeing what goodies you can find!

AOA Studio has a wide range of products. One of the best parts of AOA Studio are their affordable makeup brushes. If you buy them individually, they each come up to one dollar, but they have bundles in which you can get 12 brushes for $10 dollars or 24 brushes for $20 dollars! This is awesome if you’re just starting out with makeup, and need a good set of brushes that won’t set you back. You can find the 10-Piece Sculpting Brush Set + Brush Roll here, and the AOA Essential 24-Piece Brush Set here. They also have sheet masks bundles and makeup sets, like lip kits, that come even cheaper.

Now, maybe you’re not that experienced with makeup, but you’d like to keep learning. You’ve been watching Youtube tutorials and are dying to try it out. Problem is you don’t know where to get your hands on the products you want to try out without completely emptying your pockets. Miss A solves that pesky problem. Jean Baik’s idea behind the site was to create a place where you could have fun with makeup and try out new things without having to spend too much. She calls it a “playground for experimentation.”

In addition to the great price, there’s also the fact that these products are cruelty-free! They’re PETA certified and their ingredients are 100% FDA approved. There’s no testing on animals whatsoever. Some of their products, such as certain brushes, are even vegan. On top of all this, Miss A has an animal charity program named Paw Paw. They launch special editions of certain products priced at $1.55. Those extra fifty-five cents go towards organizations dedicated to animal rescue and adoption. 

So go and hop on over to the site, Miss A, and see what you can find! There might be quite a few undiscovered treasures for you to add to your makeup bag.

You can also find them on Instagram: @ShopMissA, Facebook: Shop Miss A, and YouTube: Shop Miss A.