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"I breath serenity. I feel complete." Misael, 21
"[I feel] in control, productive and concentrated." Cristina, 20
"[I feel] organized, motivated and with a clear mind." Dahil, 21


Have you ever thought about how important it is to keep your room clean? Think back to the last time you felt really tired and you just wanted to relax and lie down on your bed, but guess what? Your room was a mess. You sat there, thinking about where to begin but you just couldn't figure out how to start, so you just fell asleep and put it off yet another day.


This has happened to all of us, probably more often now that we've been quarantined and stuck at home. But I want you to know why it's so important to keep your space clean, and how powerful it is, beyond just being a simple, mundane task. 


I asked my followers on social media to tell me how they feel when they clean their room and maintain it. Here are some of the answers I got:


"[I feel] way more organized and concentrated. It helps with my inner peace." Claudia, 20
"I feel more comfortable in my space after hours of tidying up. It feels like a weight [lifted] off of my shoulders." Natasha, 21
"[I feel] satisfied, fulfilled, at peace, productive, spectacularly beautiful, and in harmony." Efraín, 21

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All of these people felt accomplished after being able to check a task off of their to-do list. They're ready for whatever comes next! Although, this begs the question: why all the fuss over cleaning our rooms? 


Think about it. Brushing your teeth and having breakfast, aside from cleaning your room, are other equally important parts of your daily routine that you accomplish without sweating it, sometimes even automatically. But stress can get to us very easily, not allowing us to be productive. Adriana Reyes, psychologist and psychotherapist at Psicoemocionat.com recommends two things: first, to forget for a moment what you want to achieve, and focus on what you're actively doing to reach that goal. Second, to be aware of the smallest things and escape “auto-pilot” mode. 


Often, we stress out over our deadlines, commitments, and responsibilities, and we forget to appreciate time as it goes by. We need to take care of the small things, such as taking a shower, eating your favorite candy, or feeding your pet. These simple tasks can help you redirect your energy to focus on your bigger goals, such as writing that essay or moving forward with that investigation. As Reyes points out, “Developing the consciousness on what you’re doing will allow you to find happiness in your everyday activities, and you’ll flow easier in your life.” In a way, she invites us to clean our rooms! Here are some more testimonies, in case you're not convinced yet: 


"Motivating! It helps me to feel less anxious and I almost always do it before starting a big project." Ashley, 22
"[I feel] satisfied. A new creature. Responsible." Félix, 22
"An amazing relief, even the air feels cleaner." Andraluz, 21


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Keeping your room clean is a sure way to boost your energy and overall productivity. That way, you can recharge your spirits and dedicate yourself to tackling those goals that you dream of achieving― read that book, start those exercises, prepare for that paper, apply for that Master’s degree, or write that thesis! Happy cleaning!

Journalism and Political Science student at Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. Currently, practicing photography, president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), UPR-RP chapter and journalist for Latitud 801 and Diálogo UPR. Mother Earth's friend. ?
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