How to Revive Your Muse

Have you ever just sat on your chair with your laptop right in front of you without any idea of what you could write for your next article or paper for a class? 

Ideas are not easy to come by, especially when you think too hard about what you want to do or write about for a certain situation. Now, do you ever wonder where those ideas come from? There is something quite relevant that any artist or writer has to experience so any idea can flourish, and it is called: the muse. 

The muse is a type of stimuli that become the source of inspiration for artists. It can also be seen as a kind of force.

In every step of my life, I have learned that the muse comes of its own accord, and it is not something that should be forced. It’s like the flow of water; you cannot stop the flow when it wants to keep going. Nevertheless, one has to be very attentive and be ready to write down or record any idea that comes to your mind because the muse could emerge in the most unexpected circumstances and in the most unexpected times of the day.

A good example is how this article came to be. The muse arrived while I was cooking pancakes for breakfast. I was not expecting the idea to hit right as I was cooking, but I had to run towards the computer and write down the idea before it left my mind. 

The trick in awakening the muse is to be doing other things that you like to do or chores that you have to complete while thinking subconsciously of what to write. Don’t just sit at the computer thinking about what to write because sometimes, the muse does not work that way.

Once the muse has come, do not leave her for another moment. Sometimes, she may come at two in the morning, and you have to write it all down immediately because if you wait too long, you may lose the magnificent ideas that your muse came up with. You cannot just tie her to yourself. She runs freely with liberty. Just as a Puerto Rican saying goes, “Tú puedes llevar el caballo al pozo pero no lo puedes obligar a tomar.” (“You can take the horse to the well, but you cannot force it to drink.”)

Here are three tips that you can follow to awaken the muse:


1. Listen to music


Being able to listen to your favorite pop music or dive into a world of fantasy through epic and classical music is one of the best ways to awaken the inspiration for your ideas.


2. Draw


Drawing or painting is a form of escape, and it keeps your mind relaxed while you work on the details. The key is to keep your mind relaxed while still thinking subconsciously of what to write.


3. Cook or bake your favorite desserts


It has been confirmed (by me) that just being able to get your hands on creating something new, whether it is a meal, a dessert, or anything that comes to mind, the muse will surely be stimulated. 

Alas, even if you want to play video games or watch a movie, getting your mind to relax while still knowing that you have to produce an idea will definitely awaken the muse that has long been asleep.


“May the force be with you,” Han Solo said to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

But, for all the artists out there in the world, I should say, “May the muse be with you.”


Image Credit: Pinterest, Clipart