HC at UPR Recommends: 8 Reasons La IUPI is the Best University Choice for You

Every year students make the important decision of choosing which college they will be attending the next couple of years. As a senior student, I do not regret my university choice. The University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras has provided me unique academic and professional experiences. I can say with certainty that attending Rio Piedras has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the spirit of sharing my appreciation for UPRRP, here are eight reasons why choosing the UPR of Rio Piedras as your college choice is the best idea.


1. The Rankings:

The UPR system is excellent as a whole. Currently, it has the largest and most diverse academic offerings in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. UPR system is the most affordable higher education option on the island and one of the most inexpensive alternatives under the US Flag. It is also the best higher education system on the island. Some statistics:

UPR‐RP has consistently granted the largest number of doctorate degrees to Latinxs in the US.

The University of Puerto Rico is the only Puerto Rican university that entered the 2017 edition of the SIR ranking 18th in Latin America.

The Carnegie Foundation recognized UPRRP  as an institution for high Research Activity (RU/H).


2. The Student Life

One of the most enriching aspects of student life in Río Piedras is the vast number of cultural and social events organized by the University. In addition to the usual academic conferences and lectures, there are a host of activities to choose from on any given day. Ask anyone, there is a lot to do in Rio Piedras. From conferences to musical events and forums, the university offers a variety of events for all students.


Above, Bernie Sanders visits the UPR of Rio Piedras.


Lin Manuel Miranda visited the campus twice in 2017. It’s not every day an award-winning composer visits your campus.  Naomi Klein recently was on campus as well. ..


The Rio Piedras campus is always filled with exciting activities that will develop you as a student and as a person. Being  “Gallitos y Jerezanas” is truly a unique experience.



3. The Campus


With a campus that connects you to nature, it’s hard not to fall in love with such a beautiful place. From our distinctive clock tower and our museum to the eleven libraries and amenities, this campus is surely a place to visit.


4. The Historical and Cultural Relevance


The UPRRP was the first campus established of the UPR education system in the island. The University of Puerto Rico started its first academic year (1903–1904) with an enrollment of 173 students. The first graduating class (1907) consisted of 13 students. Today, the Rio Piedras campus has over 18,653 students and had over 2,829 students graduating in 2016. As mentioned, the UPR is still the most affordable higher education option in the whole island. Meaning, it is important for those with lack of resources to access education.



5. Life in  the Metro Area

If you are not familiar with the metropolitan area, this can be a great opportunity to do so. The Metropolitan Area of San Juan has become one of the most dynamic and competitive industrial and economic centers in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, in nominal terms, the first and largest in the Central American and Caribbean region, and one of the largest in Latin America.


6. A Bigger Campus Can Be a Great Choice

Choosing a big campus is a great option for those who want to explore college life to the fullest. According to College Magazine, students that attend big campuses tend to embrace school spirit and engage in more extracurricular activities than other students.


7. Endless Opportunities

Being a part of a sports team or participating in media teams such as  Campus Radio, Her Campus or Pulso Estudiantil, are just some of the outlets through which students can develop themselves.


8. Become a part of an outstanding group of alumni

It is no secret that the UPR has housed many influential people over history.  From politicians to writers to musicians and even prominent female leaders, La IUPI has been a staple for talent over the past years.


Reading these reasons, I hope you consider admitting to La IUPI! Good luck.