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Fine Art Friday: “El Maestro” José R. Alicea

Known as “El Maestro,” José R. Alicea is a Puerto Rican artist, printmaker, painter, and teacher. His prints have been prize winners since the 1960’s through a variety of mediums, such as woodcuts, drypoints, linocuts, watercolor, among others. The themes in his work range from politics, flora, fauna, history already passed and the one in the making, all with a sense of awe and thought-provoking interest for the spectator.

The Museum of History, Anthropology, and Art in the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus was hosting an exposition by José R. Alicea called “Espejo de la Humanidad,” or a Mirror of Humanity. This exhibition will be available to the public from March to October 2018.

Until Friday, May 18th, spectators could also put into practice their creative side, as well as the artist’s print technique by visiting the exhibition “José R. Alicea: Maestro de la técnica del grabado” in the Francisco Oller gallery in the Humanities Faculty (LPM 125). This exhibition was mainly about the techniques used by Alicea, ranging from the tools he uses to the different plaques and materials he uses in his various works. Many of these complemented the finished works of art in the Museum collection, allowing the visitors to learn the process of building a finished work in this style.

Do you want to know what the best part is? You can experience Mr. Alicea’s exhibitions at no cost at all at our University’s museum and Humanities’ gallery. If you have free time between classes, are mentally exhausted after a tiresome day, or are looking for a close-by place for a date, this is your go-to option.

Take your camera and keep your eyes wide open because José R. Alicea’s work will amaze you and inspire you greatly. The textures and colors create tactile sensations that you cannot experience through pictures alone, and thanks to the Art programs in our university, you can now go experience it lives.

For more information on the exhibition “Espejo de la Humanidad,”, please visit the Museum of History, Anthropology, and Art in UPRRP. The exhibition “José R. Alicea: Maestro de la técnica del grabado” in the Francisco Oller gallery is currently closed.


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