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Dear Grandmother, Can You Last Forever?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Though I’m not your favorite granddaughter (please admit it), I’d die for you a thousand times if I had to. Loving you is simply an easy thing to do. 

But the hardest part about this is that, at some point, I may lose you. Just imagining it makes me feel anxious and melancholic. To exist in a world without your presence would seem just as lonely and empty as one could ever be. 

A painful sensation strikes my body without my permission as I imagine missing you at a Thanksgiving family dinner. Will my life ever go back to normal? Will the pain ever go away or will it just be numbed? Will we ever see each other again? 

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy painting your nails. I’ll listen to your soap operas, even if I hate them, because watching you be happy fulfills my soul. Will you please stay with me forever?

From mastering the art of cooking delicious Puerto Rican foods to softening my heart amidst troubled times, there’s still a lot I have to learn from you. Can we please travel the world together? Can you please give me some of your generosity and kindness?

Whom do I call to make you last forever? Despite the fact that I don’t express it often, I appreciate everything you’ve done for our family. Gratitude falls short when it comes to explaining everything I feel towards you. Can you hold on a little longer? 

In my eyes, your love is the most unconditional one. Can you please give me a lifetime of your hugs and kisses? Dear grandmother, can you last forever?

Nicole is a Chemistry major, who also happens to love Biology. She is an avid learner, and has a passion for science, literature and journalism. Eventually, the young dreamer aspires to merge her passions as a neurosurgeon, researcher and writer. She enjoys eating chocolate ice cream, "mofongo," and her abuelita's fried "chuletas." Three essential words to describe her would be inquisitive, determined and honest.