Counterfeit Makeup and the Dangers That Come with It

You’re scrolling down Wish, looking for that cute phone cover that your friend said costs only one dollar, and there you see it. That Jaclyn Hill palette that costs 38 dollars! But wait… It's only 10 dollars on Wish! It looks legit, so you buy it, obviously. But, what you don’t know is that as soon you blend those shadows into your crease, you have a big chance of getting a horrible eye infection. This is known as counterfeit makeup.

Counterfeit makeup is a growing problem in the beauty community, to the point where the authorities are getting involved. Still, what is it? In basic terms, they’re knock-offs of high-end brands that are sold at very cheap prices and usually made with subpar materials and ingredients. To makeup users, such as myself, this offer is very tempting. A MAC lipstick that’s originally eighteen dollars can cost you two or a Kylie Lip Kit that costs twenty-nine dollars can be sold for six. Even a high-end palette that can fluctuate from 38 to 49 dollars, can cost you 10 dollars. You can find them in places like Ali Express, eBay, Wish and in shopping districts in Los Angeles. It sounds like an amazing deal, but buyers beware, the consequences can be terrifying.

Using fake makeup can be hazardous for your health. Among its effects, some consumers have claimed to suffer eye infections, rashes, and even lip burns because of these fake products.

In an interview with Deborah Parker, Refinery29 found out that some of the products contained lead, arsenic, mercury and horse urine. Despite that, people keep buying these products because, in a society full of makeup gurus, consumers feel pressured to buy high-end products. When offered an inexpensive option, it's only natural to go for the lower price. We need to be smarter than that. Is it really worth your health?

By all means, don’t buy counterfeit makeup. Next time you see that Jaclyn Hill palette for a quarter of the price in Wish, ignore it because it’s definitely not worth damaging your skin. High-end makeup is expensive, so try drugstore dupes! I’m sure it’ll fulfill your needs, and your face will thank you. Like a wise person once said, “Lo barato, sale caro.