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Confessional: I Don’t Care



Let me be controversial at the moment and let you know something real quick. I don’t care what you think while you read this. You can read it, I wrote this for a reason. What you think is beyond my power (if I have any). Maybe my thoughts could help you figure something out or maybe my story can help you feel better about yourself but that’s all up to you, not me. All I can do is give you the message but you’re the one that has to decode it and interpret it (according to what I learned in my communications class).

Let me begin by telling you guys who I am… well let’s skip this part because I really don’t want you guys to know who I am or why I am writing this (hence why it’s anonymous). But let me just say; I go through life with one phrase in mind, and that is “I don’t really care”, it runs on repeat like a hit song on a popular radio station until it gets annoying and you just know the words because of the repetition and not the message.


I don’t care about a lot of things. For example, how many friends do I have, how many people do I know (this will never keep me up at night) neither do I care if the friends I have are of good quality. Friends are just friends and they can be replaced whenever and wherever just by changing style and ambiance. I just want to know if I can count on them to be there when I need them or just to be there even if I don’t.


We should learn to live without care, without worries. Let’s be robots for all that matters! It’s a harsh world that we must survive. Friends will ignore you and treat you like trash one day then hug you and like you another, it happens, it’s life… they will push you away. Same goes with relationships, first know that I think love doesn’t really exist, you will never find it, the only thing that’s real for me is that there’s a temporary attraction that leads to understanding and settling for what you have. That’s why you should never settle, reach the point where nothing is serious and have fun.

Things happen and that’s just life, this shouldn’t change you, don’t let caring control what you think or what you want to do. Be like me and don’t care. Don’t care that the girls you like don’t even try to see you in that way, while they’re obsessed with the same guys that ignore them. Don’t think about the way some friends ignore you. Stop worrying about what your parents think of you, the fact that they don’t even think about what you’ve accomplished because sometimes they just see what’s missing, not what is there.


Repeat it I don’t care!


I don’t care that a part of me doesn’t really think this way, that I may be writing this while I hold back tears because “men don’t cry”. Maybe  I’ve been lying to you all along. Maybe I’m afraid that people will see this side of me, and that maybe I will really stop caring. Maybe I do care.



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