Affordable Online Beauty Finds: Colourpop X Miss A

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Recently, we had the chance of collaborating with Miss A. They were kind enough to send us a few products they thought we’d like. From lipsticks to an entire brush set, there was enough to play around with and it was enough to delight anyone interested in makeup. From those just starting out to those aspiring MUA’s, these products are manageable! But the products by themselves aren’t the best part; it’s the quality for the price! There will always be hit and misses with any brand, be it luxury or not, but Miss A surely delivers. Now, when looking for affordable makeup of great quality, another brand comes to mind, and that is Colourpop.

If you haven’t heard of Colourpop, they started off four years ago with just a few products here and there, but now they have a mini online empire, having expanded very much. Their mission, much like Miss A, is to bring wallet-friendly and A+ quality products that are bunny approved, meaning they’re all cruelty-free.

When Miss A sent over their products, I had a bit of fun and mixed and matched products from both Colourpop and Miss A to get great looks that look natural enough for your day-to-day campus life.

Here are a few recommendations of what Miss A and Colourpop can offer you without breaking your bank.


Eyes, Eyes, Baby

Eyes are very important when it comes to a makeup look because they can definitely dress it up as much as they can keep it neutral. An acclaimed fan favorite from Colourpop’s collection is the Yes, Please! Palette. For $16, you can get a pressed powder shadow palette containing a range of 12 warm toned shadows. To pump up the glam, try matching it with AOA shadows Creamsicle ($1) and Toast ($1) shown below. While the Colourpop eyeshadows are uber pigmented, the Miss A AOA studio baked shadows are more on the buildable side, so they’re perfect for adding to the center of your lid over the Colourpop shadows for that extra oomph!


Brushes and Primers and Brows, Oh My!

There’s no doubt that brows became a huge trend in the beauty world, and I don’t think that’ll change anytime soon. This is why we’re highly recommending AOA brow products! I’m guilty of having aspired to get an Anastasia brow pencil because of the hype, but boy, oh boy, am I happy with my AOA Sculpting Brow Pencil in Medium Brown, and it’s just $1! It’s also very user-friendly for beginners.

As for face products, if you’re in need of good brushes, definitely invest in the AOA Studio Set for just $20. They’ve even been featured on E! News.

And our last product to recommend is the AOA Wonder Skin Mattifying Primer. Again, it’s—you guessed—$1, seriously. Though at first, it was a bit confusing because I wasn’t used to a liquid consistency for a primer, it did its job well during the day.


At the end of the day, at the top of our list for makeup products that’ll save you money and will not test on animals are those from Miss A and Colourpop. You’re really getting your money’s worth even if the amount is surprisingly low!