8 signs you're from COPU



1. You find yourself correcting every grammatical error there is.

You are the grammar nazi of your friends. Every time someone says or writes something wrong, you are the one who corrects it. You feel physical pain whenever you drive past a billboard or a street sign with a grammatical error. You feel like you need to proof-read everything.



2. You are the official proof-reader.

You’re the one your friends always go to proof-read every essay they write. They don’t even have to say anything, you just know you’ll be receiving their essays eventually. If they get taken points off for grammatical errors, they blame it on you! You feel that it’s your responsibility to check everything (at least) twice.


3. You are expected to know EVERYTHING.

Yes, I am majoring in Journalism. Yes, I forget to read the newspaper sometimes. No, I do not always have the latest info on what’s going on. I’m not a walking newspaper!


4. You feel like you can’t fail your grammatical expertise.

When you send out a tweet or a text with an error on it, it hurts you. You can’t stop thinking about it. You admire and appreciate perfect grammar. (Also, can Twitter add an Edit button already?)


5. You are expected to be an extrovert.

People assume you talk a lot and ask a million questions. It’s okay to be a shy communicator, you just have to work a little harder! Although it is very important to be curious in order to ask the right questions, you do not have to be the loudest person in the room. You just need that push sometimes, and it comes naturally with practice!


6. You know everyone from your faculty.


COPU is tiny. At least in La iupi. You know everyone and have taken classes with every Communications student. At this point, you are friends with everyone.


7. You have taken 5 classes with the same professor.

As there are not many Communications students, there are not many Communications professors. You have probably taken about five classes with the same one. You really get to know them! By the time you graduate, you’re also friends with them.


8. You love what you do!

Even though there are not many Communications students, the few of us are there because we are passionate about what we do! We would not be studying this if we didn’t absolutely love it. We feel a drive towards informing other people and creating content that draws people in and keeps them captivated. It’s all about creating new ways to keep people informed and entertained at the same time.



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