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5 Things College Students DON'T Want to Hear During Finals Season

Finals season is here! Get ready to witness lots of university students go crazy with the pressure of their test and projects. Deadlines are their mortal enemies and all they want to do is run away from responsibilities. The thing about college students is that we are fragile beings, especially during finals. We are living off a limited supply of coffee and running on stressful, sleepless nights. Be careful with us, and for the love of what you love the most, do not say the following things to us, because we will snap and you might regret it! 

  1. 1. When is it due?

    Look, that’s for us to know and for you to simply hear us cry about. If we don’t tell you on our own (which we probably will because we need to vent), don’t ask. We are trying to ignore it and hope it goes away. We know it won’t, but that won’t stop us from trying. Don’t worry about it, we will have it ready on time and we already have plans for what we will do after we are done with it— cry and nap, probably. We got this, just shhh, don’t ask.

  2. 2. When are you done?

    Whether it's with the semester or with a particular test, don’t ask this! This is basically asking for us to scream. We want to be done with the semester really badly and if you ask this, you will remind us that we aren’t yet! Then we're going to start thinking about all the work we have left and spiral down right into anxiety and despair.

  3. 3. But I don’t see you doing anything!

    Friendly reminder that just because you don’t see us working doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. We promise you, we are doing stuff. Are we procrastinating in the process? Yes. Does that mean we aren’t doing anything? No. We are just stressing about it and thinking about how we will approach whatever we need to do. We also need breaks for our brain to recharge. So if you see us doing nothing, let us be!

  4. 4. Don’t worry about it, you'll do fine!

    We know you do this with good intentions. We also know that you are probably right... but we will ignore it. Worrying about it is our way of survival. And even if you tell us not to, we still will. So it is better if you don’t. Let us worry about our test, and once we’re sure we did well, congratulate us (if we didn't do well, then let us cry about it).

  5. 5. Don’t cry!

    If you see a student crying, the correct etiquette is to ignore and keep walking. Sometimes, we need that little crying session so we can keep writing the essay. If you notice that it goes on for more than an hour, then you are free to interrupt and help. But otherwise, that 15-minute breakdown can do wonders, so let it happen! 

I hope this guide helps you not be attacked by any fellow college students! Remember to give them some love, space, and understanding— they need it.