5 Reasons to Volunteer

While the Corporation for National & Community Service reporting that 62.6 million Americans volunteered in 2015, that number is just  25% of the adult population. This number is at an all-time low of the last decade, so more people should take initiative to volunteer. It helps us grow, teaches us about compassion and sets the example for a future generation.

So with proven benefits to doing community service, here are five reasons why you should consider lending a helping hand:


1. Opportunity to give back

It’s a very rewarding experience to contribute happiness to someone else’s life. Helping those in a situation of hopelessness (natural disaster relief) can teach us about being considerate and understanding that a life-altering event can happen to all of us.Choosing to spend time on issues that you truly care about gives you a sense of purpose.


2. It makes a difference

Volunteering saves lives, literally. It also makes dreams come true and builds a generation. The lives of many have been impacted positively by volunteers every day. Mentorship programs like the Boys and Girls Club of America revealed on their national outcome report that volunteer programs help both the volunteers and the children involved.

Source: Boys and Girls Club Georgetown


3. Stimulates social change

Becoming involved in a cause we believe in creates a chain reaction, people will follow a cause they are interested and will take action when they see that something needs to be done. We put matters into actions when we volunteer and we can truly impact the lives of others when we decide that it’s our responsibility to help others.

4. Amazing experience

Community service is beneficial for learning new skills, meeting new people and forming stronger bonds. It can be a growth experience to help those who cannot repay us back. Volunteering also helps us gain a new perspective of how we see the world and how we see others.


5. Helps you develop yourself

Volunteer work can actually even help you discover your career path and even encourage an unknown passion of yours.  Studies have even shown that volunteering reduces stress and improves well-being. From a personal standpoint, it’s an amazing opportunity to be grateful and to learn to appreciate our surroundings.


Picture credit: Atlanta Humane Society