4 Natural Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

When it comes to nature, Puerto Rico has a vast amount of options to choose from. To the rest of the world, the Island is known for its privileged location in the Caribbean―its landscapes and natural spots. All year round, whether it’s locals or tourists, people can enjoy every one of those places and views; from Flamenco Beach in Culebra, to El Yunque rainforest in Luquillo’s mountains.

Every one of these places has an enchanting quality. It doesn't matter if you have visited them already—it’s never a bad idea to take some extra time to connect with nature.

If you are willing to take a break and enjoy some fresh air, here is a list of 4 places you can choose for your next weekend getaway roadtrip:

  1. 1. El Yunque National Forest

    Located in the Sierra de Luquillo and with about 29,000 acres of land, "El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rainforest in the [US] national forest system." The natural complex has hundreds of species of plants and small animals unique to its terrain. Also, the waterfalls and natural pools make the visit all the more exciting.

    The forest also has a recreational area and multiple trails where you can put your high school gym class fitness to the test if you aren’t an experienced hiker or athlete.

    If you like hiking and enjoying nature, you should book your visit to El Yunque as soon as possible. You will not regret it.

  2. 2. Cavernas del Río Camuy

    This ecotourism attraction recently opened its doors after being closed to the public since Hurricane María. The caves underwent some changes due to the hurricane, but these are almost unnoticeable to those who have never visited them before.

    During a tour journey of approximately one-and-a-half hour, you will be able to enjoy a short film about the security measures and history of the park and, later, a walk through the cavern where you can appreciate, in addition to its structure, the diversity of fauna outside and inside the cave.

    If you're willing to have an experience full of adventures and walks, the Cavernas de Camuy are your perfect option. Make sure to call and buy your ticket to reserve your visit before showing up at the complex.

  3. 3. Jardín Botánico de la UPR

    The Botanical Garden of the UPR, located on the PR1 highway from Río Piedras to Caguas, apart from being a scientific research center, also has recreational areas for visitors. The land has 289 acres of extension divided into two areas: the north, focused on the research area, and the south, where most of the recreational attractions, such as paths and thematic gardens, are located.

    In pre-COVID times, you could spend the whole day under a tree, walking or jogging along the sidewalks, but due to the protocols for the pandemic, the use of the facilities is limited and reservations must be made before visiting.

  4. 4. Paseo Tablado de Isabela

    This wooden promenade connects two of Isabela's best-known beaches: Jobos and Montones. The Paseo Tablado stretches for approximately 700 meters, where you can enjoy the views of the Atlantic Ocean and cross-sections of coastal pine trees.

    Depending on where you start the tour–through Jobos or Montones–at the beginning or end of the walk you will encounter "El Pozo de Jacinto". One of the legend's versions tells that a peasant named Jacinto was walking near the rock formation with his favorite cow tied to his waist; the cow got very close to the edge of the well and fell into the water, taking Jacinto down with her. Since then, it is said that, when visiting the well, you must approach the edge–very carefully!–and shout "Jacinto, give me the cow!", and you will see how the tide–or "Jacinto"–shakes and rises to the edge of the well.  

    Whether it's meeting an urban legend or taking a walk to clear your mind, the “Paseo Tablado de Isabela” will leave you in love with its views.

These are just a few options out of many natural places that you can enjoy in Puerto Rico. If you want to visit somewhere else, I invite you to do your own research and look for spots that best suit you and what you're looking for.

It doesn't matter if you visit a cavern, a forest, or a beach, connecting with nature will make you feel amazing.