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As you all know, (or maybe not) I live and breathe Boku No Hero Academia. I love judging the costumes, but I’m running out of them, which is why we’re officially taking the next step: quirks. In a universe where having superpowers (or quirks) is the norm, which one is the best? To limit myselfーbecause, otherwise, we will be here for days on endーI’m going to limit the list to my top 10 quirks, and keep it between the students while I’m at it. 

*Warning: This article might contain spoilers, proceed at your own risk.

10. Uraraka Ochako Aka Uravity

Best Girl Uraraka Ochako has one of the best quirks in Class 1-A and the whole MHA universe. However, her potential has not been exploited. Let’s go back to their first training episode when she took a whole column and hit Lida with it. Isn’t that powerful? I’m just saying, give this girl a big weapon and it’s game over for everyone. Also, her quirk is perfect for rescue missions and dealing with debris. Bakugo respected her as an opponent, a commendation that was well deserved indeed. 

9. Bakugo Katsuki Aka Dynamight/ Lord Explosion Murder 

Boom boom boy is dangerous. His quirk fits his personality very well, explosive as himself. He has a lot of power in those hands and he knows how to use it. With the help of his support item, the Grenadier Bracers, he is able to accumulate power and be more precise. The only reason why he is so far on the list is that I don’t think his quirk would help him in the sneaky part of being a hero. And, sincerely speaking, I do worry about his ears quite a lot. 

8. Kaminari Denki Aka Changebolt

I know what you are wondering, “why would you put Denki before Bakugo? He short circuits his brain!” Well, if that doesn’t tell you the kind of power he holds, then I don’t know what will. Denki’s problem is his control. He is too overpowered for what he can do right now. But once he masters the control over his power, you’d better run. His electrical quirk is really versatile and with the right training, he will go far. 

7. Todoroki Shouto 

This wouldn’t be a list of the best powers if it didn’t have Shoto Todoroki in it, wouldn’t it? Most of the time I discuss with people which power they would like to have, their answer is Todoroki’s. But who wouldn’t? Fire and Ice! So cool! That doesn’t mean that it is the best quirk out there though. His dual quirk is considered a rarity. One that is really versatile at that. But he has to work in his emotional state before he can reach the skies. I can also see how precision can be difficult to achieve with such strong quirks. 

6. Togata Mirio Aka Lemillion 

And now, it’s time for me to introduce you to Mr. Sunshine himself! His permeability quirk is extremely versatile and great for taking people by surprise. But we know how challenging it is to work with it. Also, he ends up flashing everyone. There’s also the fact that there is no quirk right now, but let’s hope. 

5. Amajiki Tamaki Aka Suneater 

Tamaki’s quirk is probably one of the most interesting ones. He is able to transform any part of his body into whatever food item he may be eating (May he have an eternal “Buen Provecho!”). From tentacles to wings to thick skin, it’s like having a lot of powers in one! So, as long as Tamaki has a good meal, he can win every fight! Like, look at him eating the diamond dude quirk to quick his butt! 

4. Izuku Midoriya Aka Deku

As our beloved MC, one would think he would be #1 on the list. His power, One for All, is really powerful, especially considering that he has more than one. His strength, enchantment, black whip, and all of the other ones yet to come, make him a formidable enemy. However, it will take him time and dedication to get there. There is also the fact that his hands will never work the same, because of how many times he broke his bones trying to learn to use OFA. So, he is here because of the drawbacks of the quirk and the fact that we don’t know if Izuku will always be in control or if the vestiges will take over. 

3. Monoma Neito Aka Phantom Thief

Do I like Monoma? No, not really. But that won’t stop me from acknowledging how great his quirk is. All it takes is one touch and he can wield almost any power. Sure, it has a limit to it, but he already proved that, with training, he can win more time and copy more quirks. 

2. Shinso Hitoshi

I love mental quirks. The BNHA might favor strong flashy quirks, but I don’t. For me, it is all about the sneakiness and versatility, and Shinso’s quirk is great for that. Brainwashing is one of the best quirks. With just one response, he can control people. So, as long as he ‘s witty enough to get people to respond, there is no stopping Shinso Hitoshi. 

1. Yayorousu Momo Aka Creati

Momo is a goddess. Creation is probably one of the most versatile and powerful quirks in the MHA universe. Sure, it would be nothing without Momo’s knowledge in, well, everything. She can create anything that she needs, no matter the situation (be it a fight or a rescue). If that is not power, I don’t know what it is. 

BONUS: Aizawa Shouta Aka Eraserhead

I know that I said that I would limit myself to students… Well, it turns out that I lied. I can’t finish this article without mentioning my favorite quirk. Erasing everyone’s quirk and taking them to your level? Uff, amazing. Aizawa is a badass. 

That’s my top ten list of quirks. If I could have any of them, it would be Aizawa’s, hands down. Which one do you like the most?

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