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Rating My Hero Academia Hero Costumes Part II: Pro-heroes and Villains Edition

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

Here I am, back again with my judging. My obsession with Boku no Hero Academia (also known as My Hero Academia or BNHA/MHA) is still going strong. So I decided that I hadn’t roasted enough hero suits and only judging Class 1-A was not cutting it. You see, the problem of non-practical and high risk hero suits is deeply rooted in the MHA society. It not only affects the hero trainees, but it also impacts the Pros and the villains. Although I understand the disadvantage that villains have, since they are likely to not have the funds to get a costume, the League of Villain (LOV) was backed by a basically immortal overlord that obviously had a lot of money since he made Nomus, and Overhaul was also a rich dude with a lot of money to torture little kids. But as always, decisions were made and I’m here to judge it. 

21. R Rated Hero: Midnight

As her name suggests, her suit is R rated and super impractical. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for looking hot and feeling yourself while saving the world, but there are practical ways to be safe while doing it. Although it is nowhere near what it was in the past (the hero commission had to make a rule to make it less revealing!), Midnight suit is still a hazard. She is one wrong step away from dying. As someone that works close to Snipe, you would think she would understand how dangerous bullets are. Like, come on, there is no way her sleep quirk works faster than pulling a trigger! Also, she is someone who has to work close range for her quirk to work faster and if her quirk doesn’t work, she has to fight. She should have more protection in her. Once again, if Mirio can get a costume out of his hair for her quirk to work, why can’t Midnight? Nemuri deserves to not die from exposure to cold temperatures or a close attack. Also, her suit is ugly, so she definitely deserves better. #JusticeforProheroMidnight

20. Shigaraki Tomura (Shimura Tenko) Aka HandyMan

Shiggy, you need a therapist to heal, not to keep the hands of your dead loved one over your body. Does he know how cuckoo for coco puffs he looks while calling the hand on his face father? Also, what’s up with putting a hand over his face? Visibility, where? How is he going to see Izuku coming to kick his face in with that thing on? While the idea of putting hands all over him looks fun, it’s super impractical! It limits his movement and his vision. If a hand falls while he recites his monologues, he would look ridiculous. All for One truly doesn’t love him if he lets his protégé go out with normal clothes and a bunch of dead hands all over him. Also, his red shoes are kind of suspicious. Why do you have the same shoes as Izuku?

19. Present(ation) Mic(hael) 

I would protect Hizashi Yamada with my life. But he is doing nothing to protect himself. This loud cockatoo thinks that wearing an all leather outfit to fight crime is a good idea. That must be particularly fun in the summer. I don’t know about you all, but leather, while it looks badass as heck, limits my movement; which gives me enough reason to disapprove of its use.  So I don’t see how it ends up working for Present Mic. Also, the neck piece looks heavy and  even though he is undoubtedly strong, he is also skinny, so I see back problems in the future. I do like the headphones, though. They’re actually a good protection against his voice quirk. 

18. Overhaul (… You Don’t Deserve Arms)

He is an eyesore. Green and purple shouldn’t look that bad together, but there he is. He looks ugly. The bird mask is interesting but meh, it just gets in the way. I can’t get past the purple boa on a green jacket. Also, he has a tie that looks like a choking hazard.

17. Magne

She is just wearing normal clothes. She deserves better. All for One should have made the LOV uniforms to complement their quirks. How will they win against heroes and other villains without the proper protection?

16. Toga Himiko, aka Stabby McStabby

Toga is probably one of the most dangerous people in the world. She deserves a good suit. Her school uniform made sense at first, but as a permanent member of the league, she should be given something badass to wear.. She also needs armor protection, considering the fact that her power thrives off of drawing blood. Also, using her quirk leaves her naked. Please, get this child a hair made suit too (and make it black, red and vampire themed)! Don’t get me wrong, Toga looks cute in her clothes, it’s just not practical. All for One, we know you have money, so protect your team! 

15. All for One, Kugogiri, Nighteye and Gang Orca: Suit Gang

Here is the proof that heroes and villains are not that different. All of them use suits. Sure, they look fancy in them, but where are the protection and movement? 

14. Dab, aka Burnt Chicken Nugget

Sigh. Generally speaking, I like Dabi. While he is a psychopath, he’s a well written one and his backstory is fire (pun intended). So it pains me to look at his uncovered ankles. Like Dabi, why? Please do yourself a favor and wear normal pants for the love of everything that’s holy. Also, his clothes are normal clothes, which again makes sense for the beginning, but as one of Shigaraki’s hands (pun intended as well), he should have more protection. They have a doctor that can create Nomus! Why can’t he create a support item for Dabi, so he doesn’t keep burning his skin off? I’m starting to think that the league should have kidnapped Hatsume Mei instead of Bakugo. She would have gotten the job done for the sake of creating babies!

13. Thirteen

Their suit is supposed to contain their dangerous quirk, “black hole,” but does it have to limit their moves too? They look like an astronaut and a marshmallow had a child. Also the material looks breakable; like, if they go against Toga, it takes one slash and it’s over for them. Once again, it looks good, but is highly impractical. Points for the mask that keeps their identity hidden!

12. Best Jeanist, aka Walking Jeans

My only comment is why? He can control fabric, so why jeans? It doesn’t look stylish and it doesn’t look comfortable. Also, we see the neck you’re hiding behind whatever that is. Own it, don’t hide it.

11. Wild, Wild Pussycats 

Tutus seems impractical in a fight. The aesthetic is pleasing though. But as rescue heroes, they should wear something that protects them from the debris instead of cute cat cosplays.

10. Mr. Compress, aka Wannabe Magician

He got this far because he is the only person in the anime that knows what a secret identity is. He’s actually pretty admirable, considering the fact that this character always seems to have a different mask up his sleeve. The rest of his clothes are the problem. It is too colorful and there is no way that he’s  not dying from a heat stroke in summer with all those layers. Also, if the hat falls mid fight, he loses all his pride. 

9. Snipe and Ectoplasm

 Pretty much everything looks good under a cape. Enough protection and identity covered. But as you all know, Edna Moda said, “NO CAPES!” and we should all listen to her. Also, Ectoplasm legs are asking to get tangled in that jacked.

8. Mirko: (She will kick your butt for fun)

Not gonna lie, I kind of like Mirko’s outfit. It has nice colors and a cute moon on it. But it is white, so it’s definitely not good for bloodstains. I also understand why she uses a leotard since her fighting style needs her legs to move freely without restrictions. But I think the leotard is too thin in the lower areas and that’s a flashing accident waiting to happen. I also think she would benefit from some knee support, Bakugo style. In that way, she can achieve a good hit with her knee and the person will go down. 

7. Hawks, aka Our Fave Chicken

I love Hawks. However, his hero costume could be so much better. The yellow and black are not the problem, considering that they make a nice contrast with the red of his wings. But whose idea was it to wear khaki?

It would be so much better in black! Also, what’s up with the weird boxes? Just open the area of his wings! Those boxes look heavy and I bet it limits his wings, which are no good for the fastest hero. He is spending too much time with the league and we know it because he is also showing his ankles… they look breakable. So please someone give taller military boots to the bird man. The glasses also look pretty breakable and the idea of having shattered glass in the eyes sounds pretty painful. Plus, they don’t look like they would do their job very well, so get better glasses to keep the wind and dust from getting in his eyes. 

6. Fat Gum, aka Dad Gum

I like Fat Gum’s hero suit. He has gloves, knee protection and a mask. He looks wholesome in it. It’s simple, but it works. It also didn’t leave him naked when he lost his fat. He needs a stronger material for his suit, so it won’t break easily. 

5. Spinner and Stain

Makes sense for them to look similar, since Spinner based his appearance on Stain. These men understood the assignment and have both knee and arm protection without limited mobility. Their outfits’ color palette looks nice. My only issue is the rag they use to cover their eyes because it looks like it will give up at any moment. They also look like they need a shower with their clothes on. 

4. Eraserhead (Aizawa Shota) AKA Yellow Worm 

Aizawa is probably one of my favorite characters in the anime. He is so up in the list because he chooses mobility and comfort over everything, which makes sense for his fighting style. The dark green color is not the prettiest, yet it works for stealth, which gives him advantage over villains. His scarf or capture weapon deserves  a 10/10 even if I still need  to understand how the fudge it floats. My beef with his suit has to do with the glasses, of course. I do understand that they have a story behind them, but they don’t make sense for Earaser’s quirk. He needs for them to be more protective and made in a way that keeps his eyes dry, so he can avoid blinking for a longer period of time. Also, give this man some gloves, because there’s no way he doesn’t have friction burns from handling the scar.  

3. Endeavor, aka Flaming Trash Can 

First thing, I hate Enji Todoroki. Nothing that anyone can say will change that. Sadly, I have to admit that his character design is not bad. The color scheme is great. His suit is practical and it seems like it has a good mechanism built to help him with his quirk. But I also think that his boots, mask and beard of fire seem pretentious. On another note, he can actually show control by using his quirk. The flame show he has going on will be a problem in rescue missions. It takes a little flame in a building with gas leakage for it to explode and there it goes a ton of civilian lives. The only thing I wish in life is for Aizawa to activate his quirk and use it on Endeavor, so I can watch the flames go poof. 

2.  All Might, aka Dad Might

The number one hero has the second best hero costume, funny right? Yagi Toshinori has a good suit overall. We also know he uses a suit made by David Shield, a great inventor, so it has great protection and all that. He doesn’t need a mask since he looks different when One for All is activated, so his identity is safe. But, why did they choose those colors? I mean, David is from the USA, and we know All Might is inspired by American culture. But the colors are just ugh. Why not use Nana Shimura’s (his mentor)colors instead? He owes his success to her after all.  

1.Twice, aka Clone Boi 

Yes, a villain won the best suit competition. This man covers himself from head to toe. He’s probably the most dangerous quirk-wise on the LOV, since he can clone others and their quirks. Plus, his mask keeps him from losing his mind, so kudos to Twice for this double whammy! Preserve both your body and your mind, smart. Also, what’s up with the black and grey? Yes, please! He will sneak on you and clone you and your mother. The same way he has measuring tapes, always accessible, in his wrist to measure his clone and to use for combat, which is sincerely genius. Good Job, Jin! 

Who would’ve thought that having a bad hero (or villain) costume is an evil in MHA society as a whole. UA (which is used phonetically to describe the Yuuei High School) and other hero schools should consider giving orientations or a class in what a hero suit must have in order to survive. And villains should stop wasting money on Nomu’s and human experimentation, and start expanding in protection first. 

Alana is currently in her fifth year, studying Comparative Literature in the UPR Río Piedras Campus. She loves books, superheroes and mythology. Will sing any song that she knows (even if she can't sing to save her life) and is always tired. She dreams with someday writing a book.
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